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This tool searches the installed HTML manual for an entry that matches the Scheme procedure or macro given on the command line and executes a browser (which defaults to mozilla -remote openurl(%%)) with a URL pointing to the proper section. The browser should be either the name of an executable or command line with the characters %%, which will be replaced with the proper url.

#!/usr/local/bin/csi -script
;;;; chickendoc - By Michele Simionato, Ed Watkeys and felix
(require-extension regex utils)
(define home
  (if (string>=? (chicken-version) "1.85")
      (or (getenv "CHICKEN_HOME")
          "/usr/local/share/chicken") ) )
(define chicken-manual (make-pathname home "doc/chicken.html"))
(define default-browser (or (getenv "BROWSER") "mozilla -remote 'openurl(%%)'"))
(define default-url (string-append "file://" chicken-manual))
(define pattern (regexp "href=(#(index-)?[[^+)"))
(define (any-file-line pred fname)
  (let* ((port
          (open-input-file fname))
                (lambda ()
                  (let ((line (read-line port)))
                    (if (eof-object? line)
                        (or (pred line) (loop)))))))
         (close-input-port port))
(define (get-link cmd file)
  (if cmd
      (let ((command (string-append "<code>" cmd)))
       (any-file-line (lambda (line)
                        (if (substring-index command line)
                            (let ((result (string-search pattern line)))
                              (if result (cadr result) #f))
(define (browse browser url)
  (let ([[s (substring-index "%%" browser))
     (if s 
         (string-substitute "%%" url browser)
         (string-append browser   url ) ) ) ) )
(define (main . args)
  (let-optionals args
      ((cmd #f) (browser default-browser))
    (if cmd
        (let ((link (get-link cmd chicken-manual)))
          (if link
              (browse browser (string-append default-url link))
              (write-line (sprintf Command ~A not found. cmd))))
        (print "Usage: browsedoc COMMAND [BROWSER]") ) ) )
(apply main (command-line-arguments))

if you want to call the tool from emacs, this does the trick:

(defun run-chickendoc ()
  (start-process "chickendoc" *Messages*
                 "/usr/local/bin/chickendoc" ; path to the script
                 (symbol-name (symbol-at-point))))
(global-set-key [f7] 'run-chickendoc)

(when you press F7 on the current symbol you get a browser window with the documentation for that symbol, or nothing if there is no such documentation in the Chicken manual).