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Metafile reference

The .meta file describes properties of a downloadable extension (see eggs tutorial for an explanation of extensions and meta files).

The following properties are supported:

(synopsis STRING)

A short description of the extension (required).

(author STRING)

The author, optionally with an e-mail address, if desired (required).

(files STRING ...)

The names of all files that should be contained in the egg (required).

(egg STRING)

The name of the egg file (required).

(license STRING)

The license under which the code is released. Please make sure you use the proper license if you package code written by others (required).

(category SYMBOL)

A category under which the egg should be listed on the egg-index page at (required).

Currently the set of categories is fixed, use one of:

     lang-exts	  Language extensions
     graphics 	  Graphics
     debugging   Debugging tools
     net 	  Networking
     io 	  Input/Output
     db 	  Databases
     ffi 	  Interfacing to other languages
     web 	  Web programming
     xml 	  XML processing
     doc-tools	  Documentation tools
     math 	  Mathematical libraries
     oop 	  Object-oriented programming
     data 	  Algorithms and data-structures
     parsing 	  Data formats and parsing
     tools 	  Tools
     testing 	  Unit-testing
     crypt 	  Cryptography
     ui 	  User interface toolkits
     code-generation Run-time code generation
     misc 	  Miscellaneous
     macros	  Macros and meta-syntax
(needs EXTENSION-ID ...)

Any extensions needed to build and use this extension. This should normally be the raw extension-identifier, the same that you would use in a require-extension form. Alternatively, EXTENSION-ID may be an arbitrary Scheme expression that is evaluated and should return a list of extension-ids. This is intended to test the executing system for particular platform- or installation-specific features before computing a set of required extensions to be available before the installation of the original extension commences.


Marks this extension as having a documentation page in the associated CHICKEN wiki at

(eggdoc FILENAME)

Marks this extension as having a documentation page in eggdoc format. The eggdoc file should exist in the extension directory and will be executed when the egg is packaged.


Marks this extension as being "hidden", that is: it is available for download and the documentation page is generated, but it will not appear in the official list (mainly intended for preliminary eggs and testing).