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CHICKEN Scheme hacking sprint

On our last meeting at FrOSCon the idea of having another hacking sprint (aka CHICKEN weekend) has come up. I am willing to organize logistics for a meetup at Nuremberg, Germany. Since some foreign guests might want to do a little sightseeing as well and we are already busy in autumn with T-DOSE in Eindhoven, I propose one of the first three decembre weekends.


Nuremberg, Germany, Planet Earth 2011 (exact venue still undefined)


To make further syncronisation of the date easier I have setup a little planner here:

Who is allowed to join?

This is an open invitation for anyone that wants to help the CHICKEN Scheme project improve.

What will be provided?

I will organize the venue and come up with a plan to get food and entertainment in time without the hassle to reinvent democracy. I might be able to come up with some interesting accomodation venues but that is still in a planning stage.

What will we be doing there?

Hacking on CHICKEN, socialising and having fun of course. An initial proposal for possible topics has been made by Felix (feel free to add your topic!):


Christian Kellermann, ...