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A library of extensions for the Chicken Scheme system.


Just enter

 $ chicken-setup EXTENSIONNAME

This will download anything needed to compile and install the library. If your extension repository is placed at a location for which you don't have write permissions, then run chicken-setup as root. You can obtain the repository location by running

 $ chicken-setup -repository

If you only want to download the extension and install it later, pass the -fetch option to chicken-setup:

 $ chicken-setup -fetch EXTENSIONNAME

By default the archive will be unpacked into a temporary directory (named EXTENSIONNAME.egg-dir and the directory will be removed if the installation completed successfully. To keep the extracted files add -keep to the options passed to chicken-setup.

For more information, enter

 $ chicken-setup -help

If you would like to access the subversion repository, see eggs tutorial.

If you are looking for 3rd party libraries used by one the extensions, check out the CHICKEN tarball repository.

List of available eggs

Language extensions


Debugging tools

Logic programming




OS interface

Interfacing to other languages

Web programing

XML processing

Documentation tools

Egg tools

Mathematical libraries

Object-oriented programming

Algorithms and data-structures

Data formats and parsing





User interface toolkits

Code generation

Macros and meta-syntax


Concurrency and parallelism

Unsupported or redundant