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Documentation for the gsl-srfi-27 egg

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The gsl-srfi-27 egg provides an implementation of SRFI-27 which uses the GSL behind the scenes to generate pseudo-random numbers.


(use syntax-case gsl-srfi-27)

(import gsl-srfi-27)

(random-real) ; => some random real number

(random-source-randomize! default-random-source)

(random-integer 100) ; => some integer between 0 and 99 (inclusive)

You can also use some of the simulation-quality generators from the GSL:

(use syntax-case gsl-srfi-27)

(import gsl-srfi-27)

(let* ((luxury-source (make-random-source *ranlxd2*))  ; Ahhh---what a luxurious generator
       (luxury-real (random-source-make-reals luxury-source)))
  (random-source-randomize! luxury-source) ; Don't forget this, or you won't experience true luxury
  (luxury-real)) ;; A *very* random number.


Written by Will M. Farr.


Released under the GPL.


Requires the eggs syntax-case and easyffi.


In addition to the routines from SRFI-27, after issuing (import gsl-srfi-27) the following will be available in the namespace:

[rng-type] *mt19937*
[rng-type] *ranlxd1*
[rng-type] *ranlxd2*
[rng-type] *cmrg*
[rng-type] *mrg*
[rng-type] *taus*
[rng-type] *taus2*
[rng-type] *gfsr4*

A subset of the GSL simulation-quality generator types, suitable to pass to (make-random-source TYPE). Don't accept anything less than a simulation-quality generator!

[procedure] (rng-type? OBJ)

#f unless OBJ is one of the above generator types.

Standards Violation

The gsl-srfi-27 egg does not completely conform to the SRFI-27 standard: (random-source-make-reals SOURCE [UNIT]) throws an error if the UNIT parameter is passed instead of generating a random source with the given quantization.

Version History

Version 1.0
Initial release.