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Pure scheme implementation of a rfc2229 protocol client. This is a rewrite of the dict.egg available for chicken 3.x which was a wrapper around libdict.


David Krentzlin




Requires the defstruct extension


This extension provides a set of procedures, that can be used to communicate with dict-servers. At the moment of this writing it supports almost all commands of the dict-protocol. authentication and mime-headers are currently not supported, but will be once the needed extensions are available.


Connects to the dict-server with the specified port or the default-port as specified in rfc22229 (2628). Once the connection is established, the server's banner is parsed and information are extracted. Finally the procedure issues a client-command with the specified client-string as parameter. The value for timout is directly used to set the timeout for tcp-connect. The procedure returns a connection-object on success and signals an error otherwise.

Closes the connection represented by CONNECTION and sets its status status do disconnected. Returns #t if the connection was closes successfully and false otherwise.


In case of an error the command-procedures return the status-response send by the server. In order to identify a status or present an error-message to the user, there are procedures that deal with status-response-objects

Check if a response is a status-response.

Checks if the given status-response represents an error.

Retrieve the status-code (a positive fixnum) of the STATUS-RESPONSE.

Retrieve the textual information send by the server for this STATUS-RESPONSE

Map status-codes to textual-representation as specified in rfc2229


For each status-response-type there is a predicate that checks whether a given status-response represents that specific type. See the list of status-predicates at the end of this documentation.



List of status-predicates