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eping is a Scheme implementation of the ICMP ping utility. Although it can be used like an average OS ping utility, eping is intended to be used programmatically (e.g. for gathering statistics, monitoring). It uses raw sockets thus a privileged account must be used.

<syntax> [procedure] (eping HOST #!key (mode 'probe)

                             (count #f)
                             (timeout 1000)
                             (interval 1000)
                             (ttl 64)
                             (tos 0)
                             (dont-fragment #f)
                             (src-addr #f)
                             (id #f)
                             (seq-start 0)
                             (size 56)
                             (pattern "")
                             (recv-min #f)
                             (lost-max #f)
                             (cons-recv-min #f)
                             (cons-lost-max #f)
                             (msg1 "%i is alive%n")
                             (msg2 "")
                             (dotcols 0)
                             (quiet #t))</syntax>