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A library of procedures for formatting Scheme objects to text in various ways, and for easily concatenating, composing and extending these formatters efficiently without resorting to capturing and manipulating intermediate strings.

Chicken eggs are provided for formatting of arbitrary objects (fmt), Unicode (fmt-unicode), C code (fmt-c) and ANSI color output (fmt-color).

See the full documentation off-site.


Alex Shinn

Version history

prevent string-tokenize from usurping srfi-13 binding [noticed by Taylor Venable]
patch wrap-lines to not fail on whitespace-only strings; disable last column padding skip optimization; 100% width no longer treated as fixed length 1; override string-tokenize to properly split strings containing utf8 sequences [Jim Ursetto]
Sync to upstream fmt 0.7 [Jim Ursetto]
initial fmt 0.5 port to Chicken 4 by Alex Shinn