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The html-form library is intended to construct HTML form descriptions in an s-expression syntax that are then passed to an HTML generation routine.

Library procedures

html-form:: SPEC -> SXML

This is the only exported routine in this egg. Given a form specification, returns an SXML document containing an HTML form. SPEC is an s-expression with the following grammar:

 SPEC = (form-group NAME [(label LABEL)] (children ...) ) 
        | WIDGET
 WIDGET =     (checkbox NAME DFLT [(label LABEL)] [(rel REL)] ) 
       (textarea NAME DFLT (rows N) (cols N) [(label LABEL)] [(rel REL)] ) 
       (select   NAME DFLT [(label LABEL)] [(rel REL)] ) 
       (button   NAME DFLT [(label LABEL)] [(rel REL)] [(onclick STRING)] )
       (radio    NAME DFLT [(label LABEL)] [(rel REL)] ( (RNAME ROPTS) ... ) )
              (text     NAME DFLT [(label LABEL)] [(rel REL)] )

NAME, LABEL and REL are symbols or strings. DFLT is the default value of an input, or a list of values in the case of textarea and select.


(use html-form)
(define Country-List
   "American Samoa"
(define form-variables
   (form-group Personal-Data (label "Personal Data")
	 (First-Name         ""  (label "First Name * "))
	 (Last-Name          ""  (label "Last Name * "))
	 (email              ""  (label "Email address * "))
	 (Nationality        ""  (label "Nationality *")
			     (select ,Country-List))
	 (Birth-Year         ""
			     (label "Year of birth *")
			     (select ,(list-tabulate 50 (lambda (i) (number->string (+ 1940 i))))))
	 (Gender             "" 
			     (label "Gender *")
			     (select ("Female" "Male")))
   (form-group   Education (label "Education & professional background")
	   (Degree     "" (label "Last degree obtained ")
			     ("Bachelor of Science"
			      "Master of Science"
			      "Current undergraduate student")))
	   (Major      "" (label "Academic major ")
			     ("Artificial Intelligence"
	   (Degree-Other ""   (label "Degree obtained if other "))
	   (Education-History ""  
			      (label "Education history")
			      (hint "Please list year, institution, and highest degree obtained. ")
			      (textarea (rows 10) (cols 60)))


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Copyright 2008 Ivan Raikov and the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology.

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