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docco-style documentation generator


schematic is a simple program for generating side-by-side documentation & code in the style of docco.

The source for this egg is available at Bitbucket.


   schematic [option ...] [file ...]
     -h, --help            show this message
     -l, --language        input language name
     -o, --output          output format (html, ansi)
     -f, --formatter       external comment formatting command
     -s, --highlighter     external syntax highlighting command
     -c, --comment-string  comment string format
         --stylesheet      alternative stylesheet (html only)
         --directory       output directory (html only)

Two output modes are available, ansi and html. In ansi mode, concatenated output for all files is written to stdout. In html mode, separate HTML files are written to an output directory, along with a default stylesheet. This is the default behavior.

When specifying input files, a dash represents stdin.

--formatter and --highlighter specify external commands that will be used to process documentation and code, respectively. markdown and highlight might be good choices.

--language specifies the input language. If the language is unrecognized, a line comment prefix string can be given explicitly with the --comment-string argument. For example, for Python or Ruby, --comment-string "# " would give the intended results.



Evan Hanson


3-Clause BSD.