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The svn-client egg is a wrapper around Subversion's libsvn_client library.

Right now we're working in cleaning up the API it exports to more closely ressemble the one in libsvn_client. We will document it as we progress (little point in documenting an interface we expect to change).

Problems compiling with APR

Using apr-1.2.7 in a Fedora Core 5 installation the compilation failed due to an error in this line.

 /usr/local/www/include/apr-1/apr.h:  typedef  off64_t           apr_off_t;

off64_t was replaced with long long and the egg compilation succeeded. There should be a better way to solve this. Adding -D_LARGEFILE64_SOURCE to the compilation line didn't work (the symbol off64_t didn't get defined).

Version history

Fix two filedescriptor leaks. Fix authentication issue that caused only the first authentication given to be accepted, with subsequent auths using that first one instead.
Quick and dirty port to Chicken 4
Included svn-client-log2 and fixed some memory leaks.
Included wrappers for svn-client-info and svn-client-cat.
Fixed a bug in the list iteration in svn-client-revert.
Add svn-path-canonicalize and some small fixes.
Add svn-client-revert and svn-client-resolved.