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This egg provides access to the unix system logger using the syslog-api.


David Krentzlin


This egg does only work on unix-like os's that have the syslog-functions available.


[procedure] (syslog priority fmt . args)

Write a message to the syslogdaemon with the given priority. See priorities for a list of provided priority-constants.

[procedure] (openlog identity options facility)

Open a connection to the system logger. Identity is prepended to every message. The option-argument specify flags which control the operation of openlog and subsequent calls to syslog. See options for a list of provided option-constants. Options can be or'ed together. Facility sets the facility the logmessages will have. See facilities for a list of provided facilities. The use of openlog is optional. You can use syslog right away without calling openlog.

[procedure] (closelog)

Closes the connection to the system logger.

[procedure] (setlogmask maskpriority)

This procedure sets the logmask for the calling process and returns the old logmask. You can use log-up-to to log upto a specified priority.

[procedure] (log-up-to priority)

Returns a logmask that can be passed to setlogmask.

[procedure] (log-mask priority)

Compatibility Notes

Solaris currently lacks the syslog,ftp and authpriv facilities. Those are mapped to other facilities like so:

facility/authpriv => facility/auth
facility/syslog   => facility/daemon
facility/ftp      => facility/daemon


Options for openlog