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A URI path (route) matching library which provides means for flexible and RESTful route definition.


Moritz Heidkamp


Requires the uri-common egg.



[procedure] (make-routes routes #!optional (path ""))

Accepts routes in the form of nested lists and returns them in a flattened form for use with uri-match. If the car of the sublists is a string, it is treated as a path fragment regex. Its cdr is treated as subroutes to the one given in the car. If the car of the sublists is a symbol, it is treated as an HTTP method and its cadr is treated as the match result (or HTTP body). It can either be a string or a function whose arity must equal to the amount of capture groups within the expanded route.

The optional path is mainly used internally but may be given as a global path prefix.


(make-routes '((get "this!")
	       ("/bar" (get "and this!")
	       	       (post "also this"))))


((post ("/bar" "also this")) 
 (get ("/bar" "and this!") ("/" "this!")))


[procedure] (uri-match method uri routes)

Matches a given HTTP method (which must be given as a lower-case symbol) and the uri's path (or a string representing a path) in routes (which must be a list of the format returned by make-routes) and returns a thunk which, when invoked, returns the body of the first matching route, #f otherwise. If the body is a procedure, it is applied to the possibly found capture groups.


((uri-match 'get "/foo/42"
	    `((get ("/foo/(\\d+)" 
		    ,(lambda (n) (format "You got foo number ~A" n)))))))

=> "You got foo number 42"


[procedure] (make-uri-matcher routes)

Accepts a routes list in the same format as make-routes accepts and returns a procedure of two arguments (method and uri like uri-match) for matching against it.


(define match (make-uri-matcher `((get "this is the root path!")
				   ("/nested" (get "I'm nested!")
				    ("/route/(.+)/(.+)" (get ,(lambda (x y) 
								(format "I am the ~A and ~A!" x y)))))))))

((match 'get "/"))
=> "this is the root path!"

((match 'get (uri-reference "http://localhost/some/nested/route/alpha/omega")))
=> "I am the alpha and omega!"