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This is a tiny library for accessing Yahoo Finance's stock data "API".

The source for this egg is available at Bitbucket.



There are two functions.

[procedure] (fetch-quotes symbol-or-symbols field-or-fields)

fetch-quotes takes one or more stock symbols and one or more field name symbols and returns a table of the requested information:

   > (use yahoo-finance)
   > (fetch-quotes 'aapl 'eps)
   ((stock (eps 42.548)))
   > (fetch-quotes 'aapl '(name p/e p/s p/b))
   ((stock (name "Apple Inc.")
           (p/e 15.86)
           (p/s 4.25)
           (p/b 5.66)))
   > (fetch-quotes '(aapl goog msft) '(name high low change)))
   ((stock (name "Apple Inc.")
           (high 677.67)
           (low 672.6)
           (change -1.334))
    (stock (name "Google Inc.")
           (high 688.99)
           (low 676.15)
           (change 10.76))
    (stock (name "Microsoft Corpora")
           (high 30.75)
           (low 30.44)
           (change 0.02)))

Read the code for a list of available fields.

[procedure] (fetch-quotes symbol [interval [start-date [end-date]]])

fetch-history takes a single stock symbol and, as optional arguments, an interval symbol (one of daily, weekly, monthly, or dividends), a start date as a list of numbers of the form (y m d), and an end date of the same form. It returns a table in one of two forms:

   > (fetch-history 'aapl 'monthly)
   ((row (date "2012-08-01")
         (open 615.91)
         (high 680.87)
         (low 600.25)
         (close 673.47)
         (volume 13327800)
         (adjusted-close 673.47))
    (row (date "2012-07-02")
         (open 584.73)
         (high 619.87)
         (low 570.0)
         (close 610.76)
         (volume 15938700)
         (adjusted-close 608.15))
   > (fetch-history 'aapl 'dividends '(1987 1 1) '(1989 1 1))
   ((row (date "1988-11-21") (dividend 0.025))
    (row (date "1988-08-15") (dividend 0.02))
    (row (date "1988-05-16") (dividend 0.02))
    (row (date "1988-02-12") (dividend 0.02))
    (row (date "1987-11-17") (dividend 0.02))
    (row (date "1987-08-10") (dividend 0.015))
    (row (date "1987-05-11") (dividend 0.015)))


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