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This egg provides an interface to the public Yelp API. Yelp is social database of customer reviews of restaurants and businesses. It also provides generalized lookup by phone number, geocode, or address across the United States, Canada, and Great Britain. All six Yelp APIs are supported along with a simply query mechanism for traversing the structured JSON query result. A valid Yelp YWSID is required to use this API. There is no charge for a YWSID though you are limited to 1000 queries per day and subject to Yelp's API Terms of Use.


#;1> (require-library yelp)
; loading /usr/local/chicken/lib/chicken/4/ ... 
#;2> (import (prefix yelp yelp/))
; loading /usr/local/chicken/lib/chicken/4/ ...
; loading /usr/local/chicken/lib/chicken/4/ ...
; loading /usr/local/chicken/lib/chicken/4/ ...
; loading /usr/local/chicken/lib/chicken/4/ ...
#;3> ,l ../ywsid
; loading ../ywsid.scm ...
#;3> (define y (yelp/by-phone "4154376800"))
#;4> (yelp/info? y)
#;5> (yelp/info y)
Pizzeria Delfina
3611 18th Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
Neighborhood: Mission
37.761398 -122.424003
#;6> (yelp/decode y)
businesses: (1)
  country: USA
  phone: 4154376800
  text: OK
  version: 1.1.1
  code: 0
#;7> (yelp/find y "")
#;8> (yelp/find y "message.text")
#;9> (yelp/find y "")


Derrell Piper





The chicken-install test case requires the test egg. The -test also requires that a valid YWSID exist in ../../ywsid above the egg's temporary install directory. When fetched with chicken-install -r, simply create a file named ywsid in the current directory with the following content:

(yelp/set-ywsid! "<your-personal-ywsid-goes-here>")

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