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      1. Epoxy specific procedures
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    4. Version history
      1. Version 0.2.0
      2. Version 0.1.0
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Bindings for the OpenGL and OpenGL ES APIs.

Every version and profile of these APIs are available out of the box thanks to the Epoxy library. The actual version used is automatically determined by the current GL context (which you can obtain from windowing libraries like SDL or GLFW).

This egg is based on Alex Charlton’s previous work on the opengl-glew egg and is a drop-in replacement for it (except for the init procedure that is no longer needed).

It also provides the functionnality of the old opengl egg (fixed pipeline).



All functions and constants from every version of the OpenGL specifications are exported. Scheme style names are provided (underscores and camelCase replaced with hyphens), the gl prefix is removed from names, functions starting with is instead end in question marks, and constants are bookended by +s (e.g. delete-texture, enabled?, +arb-viewport-array+). The terms 1D, 2D and 3D are additionally hyphen separated in order to match their constant counterparts (e.g. tex-image-2d and +texture-2d+).

Functions whose C counterparts accept or return GLboolean accept or return a Scheme boolean value. Do not pass +true+ or +false+ to these functions.

Epoxy specific procedures

[procedure] (has-gl-extension? EXTENSION)

Query whether the OpenGL extension, given as a string, is supported.

[procedure] (is-desktop-gl?)

Return whether the current context is a regular desktop OpenGL one (#t), or an OpenGL ES one (#f).

[procedure] (gl-version)

Return the current context’s OpenGL version as an integer (eg. 20 for 2.0, 43 for 4.3…)

[procedure] (glsl-version)

Return the current context’s GLSL supported version.


For numerous examples of this egg’s usage, look at the gl-utils egg, glls egg, or the noise egg.

Version history

Version 0.2.0

15 March 2019

Version 0.1.0

4 November 2018

Source repository

Source available in a git repository.

Bug reports and patches welcome! Bugs can be reported to kooda@upyum.com


Adrien (Kooda) Ramos

Based on previous work by Alex Charlton.