Village CHICKENs 2023 Event

This is to announce our next CHICKEN meeting in 2023!

When: 2nd - 4th of June, 2023

Where: the location will be the small village of Ziegenhagen in central Germany. It is situated between the cities Göttingen and Kassel, surrounded by forests in an idyllic hilly landscape. The place is well suited to hiking, cycling and sightseeing old timberframe buildings in the neighbouring towns Hann, Münden and Witzenhausen or to check out several medieval castles in the vicinity.

Everybody is welcome! There are a number of boarding houses in the village itself and we will try to pre-book accomodation, depending on availability. We will take care of food and drink during the event, kindly sponsored by bevuta IT GmbH.

There are two train-stations about a 5 minute drive away. Participants arriving via train can be picked up, if necessary.

Please make sure to announce your participation until mid January (latest), so we can plan accordingly. It might be recommended to coordinate arrival, which will make the transport to the final location easier for us. You can just add your planned presence here, perhaps including the period you want to stay.

Talks or presentations would be very welcome, just add information about this here on this very page.

There is no general agenda. We just meet to discuss CHICKEN, hack on things related to it, plan our future prospects for the language and implementation, show off awesome software we wrote or just meet with fellow hackers interested in programming, dynamic languages of the Lisp and Scheme family and software engineering in general.

Contact felix AT call-with-current-continuation DOT org or write to the chicken-users mailing list if you need more information, have questions or need assistance.

See you in June!


Planned Presentations


The holiday home and conference center "Oase am Waldrand", location.

Here a few links to a few hotels and pensions in the area:

Train stations in the area:




Note that you'll need to take a car, taxi or bus from these locations to Ziegenhagen. The bus line 218 (Fahrplan) is the one you have to look out for.

Arrival by plane and or train: Frankfurt is usually the nearest airport, trains go directly from there to Kassel and Göttingen. Take the regional train from Hann. Münden (if you come via Göttingen) or Witzenhausen (if you come via Kassel) and leave at Hedemünden or Gertenbach, which are about the same distance from Ziegenhagen.