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The CHICKEN User's Manual

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This is the manual for Chicken Scheme, version 4.8.0

Getting started
What is CHICKEN and how do I use it?
Basic mode of operation
Compiling Scheme files.
Using the compiler
Explains how to use CHICKEN to compile programs and execute them [|Gps tracking orang].
Using the interpreter
Invocation and usage of csi, the CHICKEN interpreter [|Aksesoris mobil].
Supported language
The language implemented by CHICKEN (deviations from the standard and extensions) [|Cotton bud].
Interface to external functions and variables
Accessing C and C++ code and data [|Vertical blind depok].
Packaging and installing extension libraries.
Deploying programs developed with CHICKEN.
Cross development
Building software for a different architecture.
Data representation
How Scheme data is internally represented.
Bugs and limitations
Things that do not work yet.
A list of Frequently Asked Questions about CHICKEN (and their answers).
A list of some of the people that have contributed to make CHICKEN what it is.
Links to documents that may be of interest.