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The CHICKEN User's Manual

Stylized picture of a chicken

This is the manual for Chicken Scheme, version 4.8.0

Getting started
What is CHICKEN and how do I use it?
Basic mode of operation
Compiling Scheme files.
Using the compiler
Explains how to use CHICKEN to compile programs and execute them Gps tracking orang.
Using the interpreter
Invocation and usage of csi, the CHICKEN interpreter Aksesoris mobil.
Supported language
The language implemented by CHICKEN (deviations from the standard and extensions) Cotton bud.
Interface to external functions and variables
Accessing C and C++ code and data Vertical blind depok.
Packaging and installing extension libraries Gps tracker mobil.
Deploying programs developed with CHICKEN.
Cross development
Building software for a different architecture.
Data representation
How Scheme data is internally represented.
Bugs and limitations
Things that do not work yet.
A list of Frequently Asked Questions about CHICKEN (and their answers).
A list of some of the people that have contributed to make CHICKEN what it is.
Links to documents that may be of interest.