1. Module (chicken blob)
    1. make-blob
    2. blob?
    3. blob-size
    4. blob->string
    5. string->blob
    6. blob=?

Module (chicken blob)

This module contains procedures for dealing with "blobs". Blobs are unstructured byte arrays (basically "binary strings"). You can't do much with them, but they allow conversion to and from SRFI-4 number vectors which define how to access a blob's byte contents.


[procedure] (make-blob SIZE)

Returns a blob object of SIZE bytes, aligned on an 8-byte boundary, uninitialized.


[procedure] (blob? X)

Returns #t if X is a blob object, or #f otherwise.


[procedure] (blob-size BLOB)

Returns the number of bytes in BLOB.


[procedure] (blob->string BLOB)

Returns a string with the contents of BLOB.


[procedure] (string->blob STRING)

Returns a blob with the contents of STRING.


[procedure] (blob=? BLOB1 BLOB2)

Returns #t if the two argument blobs are of the same size and have the same content.

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