1. Module (chicken bitwise)
    1. Binary integer operations
      1. bit->boolean
      2. integer-length

Module (chicken bitwise)

Binary integer operations are provided by the (chicken bitwise) module.

Binary integer operations

[procedure] (bitwise-and N1 ...)
[procedure] (bitwise-ior N1 ...)
[procedure] (bitwise-xor N1 ...)
[procedure] (bitwise-not N)
[procedure] (arithmetic-shift N1 N2)

Binary integer operations. arithmetic-shift shifts the argument N1 by N2 bits to the left. If N2 is negative, then N1 is shifted to the right. These operations only accept exact integers.


[procedure] (bit->boolean N INDEX)

Returns #t if the bit at the position INDEX in the integer N is set, or #f otherwise. The rightmost/least-significant bit is bit 0.


[procedure] (integer-length N)

Returns the number of bits needed to represent the exact integer N in 2's complement notation.

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