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In order to enable software to be written and distributed using Chicken, it is important that Chicken be included in as many of the various packaging systems as possible, so that it can be relied on as an available dependency.


Debian Linux

Chicken 2.3 (a very old version) is officially included in the Debian 3.1 (Sarge) and 4.0 (Etch) distributions. Newer Chicken versions are available via unofficial packages, please see Debian packages.

Ubuntu Linux

The Debian packages should work on Ubuntu, too. Can anyone confirm?


No information as of yet.

Mac OS X


If you're using [|MacPorts], installation is very simple. Open the Terminal application and type the following:

 sudo port install chicken

This will download, compile and install the latest Chicken version.

The MacPorts package is maintained by Arto Bendiken.

Mac binary

There used to be a binary installer made available. What happened to it?


To be written by somebody who knows something about it.