Supported Platforms

This page lists all platforms along with the latest CHICKEN version that has been confirmed to build and run. For platform-specific notes on how to install, see the platforms page.

If your platform is not listed here, or the CHICKEN version is very old, it doesn't mean CHICKEN doesn't run on it. It just means that nobody has tested (recently) on the platform, the table simply hasn't been updated by anyone yet.

Operating system Architecture Latest
Haiku x86 5.0.0
Hurd x86 5.0.0
Linux ARM1176JZFS 4.8.2 Built on a Raspberry Pi gcc 4.6.3
Linux ARM 88F6281 4.6.1 Built for SheevaPlug plug computer
Linux ARM Cortex-A8 4.6.1 Nokia N900 & Kindle DX
Linux ARM Cortex-A9 4.8.0 Board based on Freescale's i.MX 6 processor
Linux PowerPC 4.12.0 tested on iBook G4
Linux Sparc64 gcc 4.3.2
Linux x86-64 5.3.0
Linux x86 4.12.0
Linux x32 5.0.0 This strictly needs 4.10.1 or newer
Linux mipsel-64 4.1.1
Linux ARM64 5.3.0 Pinephone
Mac OS X 10.5 x86-64 4.6.2
Mac OS X 10.6 x86-64 4.6.0
Mac OS X 10.11 x86-64 4.13.0
Mac OS X 10.13 x86-64 5.0.0
Mac OS X 10.14 x86-64 5.0.0
NetBSD i386 4.10.0
NetBSD x86-64 5.0.0
NetBSD PowerPC 4.8.0
NetBSD aarch64 5.0.0
FreeBSD x86 5.0.0
FreeBSD x86-64 5.0.0
FreeBSD powerpc 5.0.0
OpenBSD x86-64 5.3.0
OpenBSD i386 4.8.4
OpenBSD loongson 4.7.0
OpenBSD octeon 5.0.0
Windows Vista/mingw32 x86 4.10.0 With and without MSYS
Windows Vista/cygwin x86 4.10.0
Windows 7/mingw32 x86 5.3.0
Windows 7/cygwin x86 5.3.0
Solaris 10 Sparc gcc 3.4.3, install=/usr/ucb/install
Solaris 10 Sparc suncc, install=/usr/ucb/install
Solaris 10 x86 gcc 3.4.3, install=/usr/ucb/install
Solaris 10 x86 4.6.1 suncc
Solaris 11 x86 gcc 4.5.2, install=/usr/ucb/install
OpenSolaris x86 4.6.1 suncc
OpenSolaris Sparc 4.5.1 suncc
OpenIndiana x86 4.13.0 gcc 7.2
AIX 6.1 PowerPC_POWER6 4.10.0 Built with gcc 4.4.7