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Supported Platforms

This page lists all platforms in which the new version has been confirmed to build and run.

If your platform is not listed here, it doesn't mean Chicken doesn't run on it, it's just that nobody has tested on it yet (or nobody has updated the table below). The same is valid for Chicken versions.

Operating system Architecture manyargs dload Latest
FreeBSD x86 x x 4.6.0
Haiku x86 x x 4.6.2 gcc 2.95.3 (without -fwrapv) and gcc 4.3.3
Hurd i686-AT386 x 4.7.0 gcc 4.6.2 - built on a qemu hurd image version 20111214 with the following additional make option: ARCH=
Linux Alpha x 3.4.0 gcc 2.95.4
Linux amd64 x x 4.7.0
Linux ARM/XScale x 2.704 Built on Angstrom on a Zaurus and on OpenMoko using task-native-sdk (gcc 4.1)
Linux ARM 88F6281 x 4.6.1 Built for SheevaPlug plug computer
Linux ARM Cortex-A8 x 4.6.1 Nokia N900 & Kindle DX
Linux PowerPC x x 4.7.0 tested on iMac G3
Linux x86-64 x x 4.7.0
Linux x86 x x 4.7.0
Linux mipsel-64 x x 4.1.1
Mac OS X 10.4 PowerPC x x 4.6.0
Mac OS X 10.5 PowerPC x x 4.5.7
Mac OS X 10.5 Intel x x 4.6.2
Mac OS X 10.6 Intel x x 4.6.0
NetBSD x86-64 x x 4.7.0 GCC 3.3 on amd64 seems to produce Chicken binaries that segfault. NetBSD 4.0 comes with GCC 4.1, which is fine.
NetBSD PowerPC x x 4.6.0
NetBSD Sparc64 x x 2.740
OpenBSD alpha x x 2.6
OpenBSD amd64 x x 4.7.0
OpenBSD arm x x 2.6
OpenBSD hppa x x 2.6
OpenBSD i386 x x 4.7.0
OpenBSD loongson x 4.7.0
OpenBSD powerpc x x 2.6
OpenBSD sparc64 x x 2.6
Windows Vista/mingw32 x86 x x 4.1.1
Windows XP/mingw32 x86 x x 4.6.0
Windows 7/mingw32 x86-64 x x 4.5.0
Windows XP/cygwin x86 x x 4.6.1
Solaris 9 Sparc x 4.3.0 gcc 3.3.2, install=/usr/ucb/install
Solaris 10 Sparc x 4.5.0 gcc 3.3.2, install=/usr/ucb/install
Solaris 10 x86 x 4.6.1 suncc
Solaris 10 Sparc x 4.5.1 suncc
OpenSolaris x86 x x 4.6.1 suncc
OpenSolaris Sparc x x 4.5.1 suncc
supports up to 1000 procedure arguments (instead of the normal 126)
supports dynamic loading of compiled code