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Supported Platforms

With version 2.7, a new and simpler build-system has been introduced. This page lists all platforms in which the new version has been confirmed to build and run.

Operating system Architecture manyargs dload Latest
Linux Alpha x 2.725 gcc 2.95.4
Linux ARM/XScale x 2.704 Built on Angstrom on a Zaurus and on OpenMoko using task-native-sdk (gcc 4.1)
Linux PowerPC x x 2.725
Linux x86-64 x x 2.725
Linux x86 x x 2.725
Mac OS X 10.4 PowerPC x x
NetBSD x86-64 x x 2.738 GCC 3.3 on amd64 seems to produce Chicken binaries that segfault. NetBSD 4.0 comes with GCC 4.1, which is fine.
NetBSD PowerPC x x 2.736
NetBSD Sparc64 x 2.740
Windows/mingw32 x86 x x
Solaris 9 Sparc x
supports up to 1000 procedure arguments (instead of the normal 126)
supports dynamic loading of compiled code