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Chicken release policy ===

  1. The release tarballs will be kept in the releases directory, and the URL to a release should follow a fixed per-release pattern, e.g.: <blockquote> </blockquote>
  2. There will be a URL which will always point to the latest release.
  3. There will be a development snapshot, which will be automatically built and published on dev-snapshots each time the Chicken version number is increased. The development snapshot is untested and not guaranteed to work. It is not an official Chicken release. If a user wants to build the latest Chicken, but they do not want to do a full SVN checkout, they can fetch the development snapshot tarball.
  4. The following cyclic procedure will be followed to make new releases:
    1. current version of Chicken is 3.5.0 (for example)
    2. a developer adds some minor library functions to Chicken
    3. a release manager sees the new changes, and increases the number in trunk/version.scm to 3.5.1
    4. the version increase triggers the development snapshot script to build a new tarball for 3.5.1, which is published on the development snapshot page
    5. this process continues, until the release manager deems that sufficient number of changes and fixes have been made in trunk, increases the version number to 3.6.0, and merges with the prerelease branch
    6. some testing is done on the prerelease branch (salmonella, unit tests, etc)
    7. once the prerelease branch is deemed stable, the release manager makes an official tarball release and puts it on the release page