Searching the wiki

You can search the wiki in two ways: You can search for literal textual contents occurring anywhere on a wiki page or you can restrict the wiki to search for identifiers only.

If you want to search for textual contents anywhere on a wiki page, you can type in the text you're looking for in the box marked "free text" and click "search".

This wiki uses the estraier-client egg for maintaining a fulltext index into the wiki page. For simplicity, we simply pass the search query to the Estraier cluster as-is. This means you can use the full Hyper Estraier search conditions syntax.

The basic syntax is similar to that of most search engines: just type the words you're looking for and pages containing all those words will be returned. If you want to search for those words in exactly that order, separated only by whitespace, you can simply surround your query in double quotes. The "attribute search" mentioned in the document is unavailable directly because there's little use for that.

Qwiki currently only (ab)uses the attributes for the identifier search, but that search has been simplified because attribute search is convoluted. See the next section for information on how to use identifier search.

Simply typing in the identifier you're looking for will return all pages containing documentation for procedures, macros, constants and so on that have a name that matches your search text.

If a search returns too many pages, you can restrict the identifier search to a particular type of identifier by preceding the identifier with the type of identifier and a colon. Here are a few examples:

Returns all pages that refer to any type of identifier named call-with-current-continuation
procedure: call-with-current-continuation
Returns only pages that refer to an identifier call-with-current-continuation where that identifier refers to a procedure.
macro: and-let*
Returns only pages that refer to an identifier and-let* where that identifier refers to a macro.

important: This search will only work if the identifier is marked up on the target page using the proper semantic wiki markup for CHICKEN documentation.