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This page contains a list of tutorials we have written (or would like someone to write) about Chicken Scheme.

JRM's Syntax-rules Primer for the Merely Eccentric
A famous and very friendly introduction to the R5RS high-level macro system known as syntax-rules.
Al* Petrofky's "An Advanced Syntax-Rules Primer for the Mildly Insane"
A useful article to read if you wish to know the nitty-gritty details of how macro renaming works. This may help you to not only understand syntax-rules better, but will also provide a good basis for grokking explicit renaming and other macro systems.
Introduction to "explicit renaming" macros, the low-level macro system used in Chicken.
Macro systems and chicken (long)
An excellent post by Alex Shinn, explaining different macro systems.
How to use assertions in your code as a way to detect programming errors.
Autoconf - Automake
A tutorial explaining how to use Autoconf and Automake in software packages containing Scheme files meant to be compiled by Chicken.
Eggs Tutorial
A tutorial about creating Chicken eggs.
Chicken on handhelds
A guide to using Chicken on embedded devices.
Compiling Chicken on Windows XP with MinGW
For the Windows using C/C++ newbies like me.