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Chicken Scheme tutorials

This page contains a list of tutorials we have written (or would like someone to write) about Chicken Scheme.

A guided tour through the CHICKEN republic
Christian's FrOSCon 2011 talk
JRM's Syntax-rules Primer for the Merely Eccentric
A famous and very friendly introduction to the R5RS high-level macro system known as syntax-rules.
Al* Petrofky's "An Advanced Syntax-Rules Primer for the Mildly Insane"
A useful article to read if you wish to know the nitty-gritty details of how macro renaming works. This may help you to not only understand syntax-rules better, but will also provide a good basis for grokking explicit renaming and other macro systems.
Explicit (and implicit) renaming macros
Introduction to "explicit (and implicit) renaming" macros, the low-level macro systems used in Chicken.
The Iup GUI toolkit
Some examples for using Iup in Chicken.
Macro systems and chicken (long)
An excellent post by Alex Shinn, explaining different macro systems. Please note: This was written when Chicken 4 was not yet released, and hence refers to various different macro systems available for Chicken at the time. This is no longer true since Chicken now has ER- and IR-macros built in.
Design by Contract
How to use Design by Contract in Chicken.
How to use assertions in your code as a way to detect programming errors.
Autoconf - Automake
A tutorial explaining how to use Autoconf and Automake in software packages containing Scheme files meant to be compiled by Chicken.
Eggs Tutorial
A tutorial about creating Chicken eggs.
Chicken on handhelds
A guide to using Chicken on embedded devices.
Compiling Chicken on Windows XP with MinGW
For the Windows using C/C++ newbies like me.
Some pointers on embedding Chicken in another application.

Chicken Gazette Omelette Recipes

An introduction to the condition system.