About Me

i love scheme. scheme is good. scheme does what you want it to do with a minimum of hassle.

chicken is an especially good scheme interpreter/compiler, so much so that i no longer use anything else for work, teaching, or maintenance. (i've used over 90% of the implementations listed on schemers.org at one time or another.)

i am one of the chicken core maintainers at this point. if you need anything, i'm available on #chicken and on the mailing lists.



unified high-level interface to all network socket types
simple dns resolver
UNIX packet sockets (with Ben Kurtz)
extended text formatting procedures
secure lambda calculus extensions
Chicken ports for Windows (mingw and cygwin)
(if i have to use windows, i at least want a decent scheme)
Funk (with Ben Kurtz)
functional fuzzing in chicken
Portable Pure-Scheme Extended Regexps (for SLIB)
major work in progress

Special Thanks

EricB richly deserves all the thanks and accolades imaginable for handling the nastiness of domain administration for the new domains. Anyone who uses the new domains (chicken-scheme.*, chickenscheme.*) owes him a debt of gratitude for handling all the apache nightmares so redirects work properly. Many, many thanks.