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About Me

i love scheme. scheme is good. scheme does what you want it to do with a minimum of hassle. chicken is an especially good scheme interpreter/compiler, so much so that i no longer use anything else for work, teaching, or maintenance. (i've used over 90% of the implementations listed on at one time or another.)


+ in my opinion, the only useful thing to have come out of perl is the CPAN concept. i'd love to get something like that going for an up-to-date repository, since indiana and cmu are no longer maintained. if others are interested, from any implementation, please let me know. + scheme interoperability. it would be nice to have translations set up between different scheme implementations, and would probably help to unite the overall community. + teaching + spam filtering (this is also my job at the moment. if you are willing to donate corpora of mail, especially ham, please let me know.) programs involving this will be released to the greater community probably by year end. + S-LAM =based scheme operating system/kernel. + by extension, writing system programs/daemons using S-LAM scheme.


unified high-level interface to all network socket types
simple dns resolver
function bindings for gtk1
function bindings for gtk2
function bindings for qt2
function bindings for qt4
secure lambda calculus extension