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Juergen Lorenz

ju (at) jugilo (dot) de

I am a mathematician and a member of the "small is beautiful" crowd. And R5RS-Scheme is the definite example, that a small language is possible which allows one to do almost everything with it. And that in a clear syntax -- or should I better say -- with almost no syntax at all? And it is a programmable programming language! You can always add new syntax to it.

In my mind, Chicken is the best Scheme implementation. Its compiler compiles to C in the most ingenious way, it has the simplest interface to C, and it has a beautiful infrastructure, the eggs system, a helpful community and, and, and ...



An implementation of "Design by Contract", coined by Bertrand Meyer for its Eiffel language.


Explicit renaming macros made easy.


A light-weight alternative to the matchable egg.


Something like immutable random-access vectors, with empty, couples and triples as special cases, and mutable singles as a possible replacement of boxes.