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A practical introduction to Chicken Scheme

Topic ideas from the old wiki (alaric's machine)

TOC proposal


[ What Scheme is. What Chicken is. What eggs are. ]

Chicken history

Getting started

Installing Chicken

[ How to install Chicken on popular operating systems (e.g., Gnu systems, BDSs, Windows). Mention required tools, installation steps etc. ]

Chicken tools

[ Introduction about the Chicken tools ]


"Hello world" programming in Chicken

A "Hello, world" program

[ How to make an executable program in Chicken, both interpreted and compiled. ]

A "Hello, world" extension

[ How to make a module for a "hello, world" extension ]

Real-world programming in Chicken

Systems programming

[ File manipulation, using Chicken as a replacement for shell scripts, implementing some common shell programs in Chicken etc ]

Web programming

[ Spiffy, SXML/SSAX, Awful, database access ... ]

Domain Specific Languages

Binding Chicken to C code

Embeding Chicken in C applications