Accounts for services

At we host the CHICKEN bug tracker and the Subversion repository which is used as storage backend for wiki pages.

The wiki can be edited anonymously provided you are able to solve the wiki captcha (we had to enable that because of spam). If you edit the wiki frequently, we recommend creating a personal account. The reason is we are notified about wiki edits, and whenever we see an anonymous edit, we must check for spam. If you use a personal account, you'll spare us from that check.

The Subversion repository has read access enabled for the anonymous user (just hit ENTER when prompted for a password).

How to request accounts

Please send an e-mail to Mario Domenech Goulart (mario at parenteses dot org) with the following information:

   $ openssl passwd -apr1

Important: In case you requested a bug tracker account, please configure your e-mail address in Preferences -> General once your account gets created, so that you will receive e-mail notifications concerning your tickets or eggs that you maintain (that might not be necessary if you are subscribed to the chicken-janitors mailing list, to where all bug tracker notifications are sent).

In case of problems with your account

Please contact Mario Domenech Goulart (mario at parenteses dot org) or one of the CHICKEN maintainers via e-mail.