CHICKEN maintainers


Felix Winkelmann
CHICKEN author and core hacker
Peter Bex
maintains the CHICKEN port of the irregex regular expression package by Alex Shinn
Evan Hanson

Infastructure team

The CHICKEN infrastructure is composed by the following sites:

Here are the persons responsible for the CHICKEN infrastructure services:

Alaric Snell-Pym
Maintainer of the egg mirror at
Ivan Raikov
Qwiki (the wiki system behind developer, Freshmeat-entry maintainer
Jim Ursetto
svnwiki-sxml (the wiki parser used by qwiki) developer, Chickadee (the software behind developer
Mario Domenech Goulart
General infrastructure and mailing lists administration, Salmonella (the software behind developer
Moritz Heidkamp
vandusen (the IRC bot that runs on Libera.Chat's #chicken) developer, developer of CSS for the CHICKEN web sites
Peter Bex
Spiffy (the HTTP server for most CHICKEN infrastructure websites) and Qwiki (the wiki system behind developer, owner of #chicken IRC channel on Libera.Chat and maintainer of henrietta-cache
Christian Kellermann
Pastiche, the service at and parley developer
Evan Hanson
Maintainer of the Heroku Buildpack for CHICKEN.

CHICKEN extensions (eggs)

Each egg has its own maintainer(s). Check the egg index to see the list of available eggs and their corresponding maintainers.

Past maintainers/contributors

Alejandro Forero Cuervo
Author and maintainer of svnwiki.
Arto Bendiken
Administrator of the previous CHICKEN Trac system at
Ashley Bone
Maintainer of the Visual C build.
Core hacker. Owner of the chickenscheme.[org|net] and chicken-scheme.[com|org|net] domains.
Kon Lovett
Core hacker.
Toby Butzon
Owner of the domain and provider of the documentation service at
Brandon van Every
Maintainer of the CMake build