Peter Bex

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About me

I'm a Schemer and CHICKEN core developer from the Netherlands.

My ongoing core contributions mainly focus on the numerical tower code, keeping the in-core copy of the irregex library up-to-date with the upstream version (of which I'm a co-maintainer), squashing bugs (specialty: grilled macro-transformer) and the odd security fix.

Eggs I maintain

Besides core, I also maintain the following eggs:

I've written the following eggs:

And occasionally, when I feel like it or when it's really needed, I work on the following eggs. None of these are authored by me and I'm not the official maintainer of any here either:

Other odds and ends

I occasionally write some stuff that isn't suitable for eggification for one reason or another. Here's a list:

Personal website

I run a blog called More Magic. It has lovingly crafted long-form posts dealing with Scheme, but I like to write about broader programming topics, free software and security as well. My blog is syndicated on Planet Scheme, which I heartily recommend subscribing to. If you run your own Scheme blog please consider asking Jens Axel S√łgaard to add your blog to it! Scheme needs more advocacy and documentation.

Contacting me

You can reach me through e-mail at (string-concatenate-reverse '(".net" "more-magic" "@" "peter")) or through Matrix at (string-concatenate-reverse '(".net" "more-magic" ":" "peter" "@")), but only if you've loaded SRFI-13. You can also try joining #chicken on Libera.Chat and asking for sjamaan.