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Contribute to CHICKEN

There are several ways you can contribute to CHICKEN. Here are some suggestions:

Create eggs

If you are a developer and have a library you think that may be useful for other CHICKEN developers, you may consider adding it to the CHICKEN repository of eggs.

CHICKEN eggs are kept in a Subversion repository. If you don't have an account for the CHICKEN Subversion repository, you can request it by sending Mario Domenech Goulart (mario . goulart @ gmail . com) an e-mail.

To make the creation of your account faster, you can provide the following information on your account request message:

 $ openssl passwd -apr1

For more information about how to create eggs, see the Eggs tutorial and Eggs guidelines documents.

Report bugs

If you find bugs on any CHICKEN tool, egg or documentation, please report them to the CHICKEN users mailing list. If you have an SVN account, you can use the CHICKEN bug tracking system.

If you are able to fix the bugs, patches are always welcome. Either send them to the mailing list or fill a ticket on the bug tracking system and attach the patch.