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29943 svnwiki Tue Oct 22 22:55:00 2013 Anonymous wiki edit for IP []: The webcom.com address wasn't working, so I replaced the link with another link to the same paper.
20769 sjamaan Sun Oct 10 18:02:00 2010 Copy and modify the eggref/3 pages for the following eggs to eggref/4: autoload loopy-loop freetype ioctl stty c3 charconv date-literals foof-loop vfs sxml-templates
19343 sjamaan Wed Aug 11 20:29:00 2010 Remove <example> and all related tags from our wiki pages. The tag is annoyingly verbose, its syntax's interaction with other wiki syntax is rather unclear and the automated test extraction feature is not and never will be implemented on call-cc anyway.
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