revision author date description
27938 zbigniew Thu Dec 13 19:52:00 2012 Remove explicit hostname from intrawiki links Strip hostname from all intrawiki links, making the URL relative but leaving the path as absolute. This permits offline qwiki use. References to /chicken-projects (egg index, RSS) were left as-is. Also removed most percent encoding, as it's not currently handled well by qwiki or chickadee, and spaces work fine in source URLs.
25355 sjamaan Tue Oct 11 18:17:00 2011 Update freetds changelog
24240 sjamaan Tue Jun 28 18:44:00 2011 Update freetds changelog
24239 sjamaan Tue Jun 28 17:46:00 2011 freetds, smsmatrix docs: remove paragraph about how to use the distributed egg repo since it's now the default
23646 sjamaan Wed May 11 21:13:00 2011 Make it a clicky
23645 sjamaan Wed May 11 21:12:00 2011 Small formatting things
23644 sjamaan Wed May 11 21:02:00 2011 Add initial version of FreeTDS egg documentation