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A TOML reader and writer based on Comparse. Passes toml-test suites for encoding and decoding.


[procedure] (read-toml [port-or-string])

Reads a TOML document from port-or-string which is (current-input-port) by default.

Parsed TOML data is mapped to scheme types as follows:

TOML Scheme
string string
integer number
float number
boolean boolean
table alist
array vector
date rfc3339 record
[procedure] (write-toml data [port])

Writes the given TOML data to port which is (current-output-port) by default.

[procedure] (toml->string data)

Like write-toml but returns a string instead of writing to a port.

About this egg


The source code is hosted on GitHub. Feel free to fork it and send pull requests there.


Caolan McMahon

Version history

Initial release, passsing toml-test sutie