Eggs Unlimited (release branch 5)

Last updated: Sat Jul 13 10:15:04 2024

A library of extensions for the CHICKEN Scheme system.


Just enter

  chicken-install EXTENSIONNAME

This will download anything needed to compile and install the library. If your extension repository is placed at a location for which you don't have write permissions, then run chicken-install with the -sudo option or run it as root (not recommended).

You can obtain the repository location by running

  csi -R chicken.platform -p "(repository-path)"

If you only want to download the extension source code, pass the -retrieve option to chicken-install:

  chicken-install -retrieve EXTENSIONNAME

For more information, enter

  chicken-install -help

List of available eggs


Language extensions

Name Description License Author Maintainer Version
F-operator Shift/Reset Control Operators BSD Kon Lovett 4.1.4
anaphora Some anaphoric and named macros BSD Juergen Lorenz 1.0.1
begin-syntax Convenience macro for inline syntax expansion BSD Evan Hanson 0.2.1
bindings Pattern matching with destructuring bindings and setters BSD Juergen Lorenz 5.0
brev A huge pile of batteries and shortcuts Public Domain Idiomdrottning 1.42
brev-separate Hodge podge of macros and combinators BSD 1-clause Idiomdrottning 1.97
call-table-generics cond generics BSD 1-clause Idiomdrottning 1.2
char-set-literals A reader extension providing Gauche style literals for SRFI-14 char-sets BSD Moritz Heidkamp The CHICKEN Team 0.4
checks easy to use procondition and postcondition checks of procedures BSD Juergen Lorenz 1.4
chibi-generic Chibi Scheme's simple generic function interface BSD Alex Shinn Diego A. Mundo 0.1.3
clojurian Syntax and utility functions inspired by Clojure BSD Moritz Heidkamp 3
continuations two continuation interfaces BSD Juergen Lorenz 1.2
datatype A facility for creating and deconstructing variant records (from EOPL) BSD felix winkelmann 1.6
define-er-syntax explicitly implicit renaming BSD 1-clause Idiomdrottning 1.2
define-record-and-printer Trivial macro to define records and appropriate printers BSD Peter Danenberg 0.2.0
dotted-lambdas lambda equivalents with dots as trailing symbols BSD Juergen Lorenz 1.3.1
dwim-sort dwimmy sort BSD 1-clause Idiomdrottning 1.4
fast-generic fast-generic functions BSD felix winkelmann 0.7
feature-test Foreign feature testing BSD Jim Ursetto 0.2.0
fix-me-now Make tweaks and changes to sexp trees BSD 1-clause Idiomdrottning 1.5
foof-loop Extensible looping macros (originally based on Alex Shinn's) Public Domain Taylor R Campbell 9.0
foreigners Foreign helper macros BSD Jim Ursetto 1.5
generics an implementation of generic functions and a lot of helpers BSD Juergen Lorenz 2.0.3
holes partial expressions as procedures with named parameters BSD Juergen Lorenz 1.2.1
interfaces Simple interface/implementation abstraction public domain felix winkelmann 0.4.1
introspect Module introspection BSD Mario Domenech Goulart 0.2
iterators Iterators and coroutines BSD Juergen Lorenz 0.1.1
locals local declarations inspired by ML BSD Juergen Lorenz 1.0.1
loop The Common Lisp LOOP macro GPL-2 Heinrich Taube 1.5
make The PLT 'make' macro LGPL-2.0+ PLT, adapted to CHICKEN by Felix Winkelmann 1.9
match-generics matchable generics BSD 1-clause Idiomdrottning 2.8
matchable Hygienic MATCH replacement Public Domain Alex Shinn 1.2
messages Creating algebraic- and abstract-types based on vectors BSD Juergen Lorenz 0.7
miscmacros Various helper macros BSD felix winkelmann 1.0
module-declarations Module declarations BSD Evan Hanson 0.3.1
moremacros More miscellaneous macros BSD Kon Lovett 2.5.3
pipes sequencing partial combinations BSD Juergen Lorenz 1.0.1
prefixes prefixing in er-macro-transformers made easy BSD Juergen Lorenz 1.0
preserve Cache a procedure for a set time Public Domain Idiomdrottning 1.1
procedural-macros procedural-macros made easy BSD Juergen Lorenz 3.0.1
r7rs R7RS compatibility BSD The Chicken Team 1.0.10
record-variants Optimized record access BSD Jim Ursetto 1.1
regex-case Provides an easy to use <code>case</code> construct for regular expression matching BSD felix 1.3
sandbox A safe evaluation environment BSD felix winkelmann 1.91
simple-binds Some simple destructuring bind macros BSD Juergen Lorenz 1.1
simple-contracts Design by contract for procedures BSD Juergen Lorenz 1.0.2
simple-exceptions Some user-friendly exception routines BSD Juergen Lorenz 1.3.1
simple-loops Some simple looping macros BSD Juergen Lorenz 2.0
srfi-101 SRFI 101 BSD David Van Horn Kon Lovett 0.0.3
srfi-105 SRFI-105 - curly infix expressions MIT David A. Wheeler Diego A. Mundo 0.1.7
srfi-145 SRFI 145: Assumptions MIT Vasilij Schneidermann 0.1
srfi-158 SRFI 158: Generators and Accumulators MIT Shiro Kawa, John Cowan, Thomas Gilray Vasilij Schneidermann 0.1
srfi-160 SRFI 160: Homogeneous numeric vector libraries MIT John Cowan, Shiro Kawai Diego A. Mundo 0.5.3
srfi-173 SRFI-173 Hooks MIT Amirouche Boubekki Sergey Goldgaber 0.1
srfi-197 SRFI-197: Pipeline Operators MIT Adam Nelson Diego A. Mundo 0.2.0
srfi-203 SRFI 203: A Simple Picture Language in the Style of SICP BSD Vasilij Schneidermann 0.1
srfi-216 SRFI 216: SICP Prerequisites MIT Vladimir Nikishkin, Vasilij Schneidermann 0.1
srfi-227 SRFI 227: Optional Arguments MIT Shawn Wagner 1.1
srfi-232 SRFI 232: Flexible curried procedures MIT Wolfgang Corcoran-Mathe Wolfgang Corcoran-Mathe 0.1
srfi-45 SRFI-45: Primitives for Expressing Iterative Lazy Algorithms BSD André van Tonder, for Chicken 4 by Kon Lovett, for Chicken 5 by Sergey Goldgaber Kon Lovett 4.0.7
srfi-48 SRFI-48: Intermediate Format Strings MIT Ken Dickey Wolfgang Corcoran-Mathe 1.0.0
srfi-5 SRFI-5: A compatible let form with signatures and rest arguments MIT Andy Gaynor Wolfgang Corcoran-Mathe 0.3.2
srfi-51 SRFI-51: Handling rest list MIT Joo ChurlSoo Sergey Goldgaber 0.2
srfi-67 SRFI-67: Compare Procedures MIT Sebastian Egner and Jens Axel Søgaard Sergey Goldgaber 0.1
srfi-71 SRFI-71: Extended LET-syntax for multiple values SRFI Sebastian Egner The CHICKEN Team 0.2
strse A string DSL BSD 1-clause Idiomdrottning 1.39
tree-walkers replacement of car, cdr and consorts and other tree- and list-routines BSD Juergen Lorenz 2.0
type-extensions Miscellaneous type system extensions BSD Evan Hanson 0.1.0
typeclass Type classes MIT Andre van Tonder Ivan Raikov 1.5
with-current-directory Convenience procedure for temporarily changing directories BSD Evan Hanson 1.0.0


Name Description License Author Maintainer Version
cairo Chicken bindings for Cairo, a vector graphics library LGPL-2.1 Michael Bridgen and Tony Garnock-Jones 0.1.18
canvas-draw Bindings to the CD graphics library BSD Thomas Chust 1.1.2
color The SLIB color library BSD Aubrey Jaffer Erik Falor 1.1
epoxy Bindings to OpenGL and OpenGL ES through the Epoxy library BSD Adrien (Kooda) Ramos 0.2.2
exif Binding to libexif, reading EXIF meta data from digital camera images. BSD Christian Kellermann Christian Kellermann 1.2
ezxdisp A simple 2D and 3D graphics library for X11 LGPL-2 n-sibata and Morihiko Tamai Ivan Raikov 3.0
freetype Freetype2 Interface BSD Alex Shinn 0.3
gl-type Freetype font rendering in OpenGL BSD Alex Charlton Adrien (Kooda) Ramos 0.4.0
gl-utils High(er) level tools for OpenGL BSD Alex Charlton Adrien (Kooda) Ramos 0.8.0
glfw3 Bindings to the GLFW3 OpenGL window and event management library BSD Alex Charlton Adrien (Kooda) Ramos 0.7.1
glls A compiler for a Scheme-like language targeting the GLSL BSD Alex Charlton Adrien (Kooda) Ramos 0.12.2
gnuplot-pipe A simple interface to Gnuplot GPL-3 Francesco Montanari 0.4.2
hypergiant Game library BSD-2-Clause Alex Charlton Adrien (Kooda) Ramos 0.5.3
hyperscene Scene graph and spatial partitioning BSD Alex Charlton Adrien (Kooda) Ramos 0.4.0
image-dimensions Detect image dimensions for common formats MIT Vasilij Schneidermann 1.0.1
imlib2 Chicken bindings for the Imlib2 image library BSD Peter Bex Vasilij Schneidermann 1.2
macaw Efficient color types and math BSD John Croisant 0.1.1
noise Noise generation functions on the GPU BSD Alex Charlton Adrien (Kooda) Ramos 0.2.0
opengl OpenGL bindings BSD felix winkelmann 1.21
pdf A library for PDF generation. BSD Marc Battyani and Bruce Butterfield Ivan Raikov 1.1
plot An interface to GNU libplot, a library for device-independent two-dimensional vector graphics. GPL-3 Ivan Raikov 2.1
s9fes-char-graphics Scheme 9 from Empty Space Char Graphics Public Domain Kon Lovett 1.4.2
sdl-base Basic SDL support LGPL-2.1 Tony Garnock-Jones megane 0.9.2
sdl2 Bindings to Simple DirectMedia Layer 2 (SDL2) BSD John Croisant 0.4.1
sdl2-image Bindings to SDL_image 2 BSD John Croisant 0.2.0
sdl2-ttf Bindings to SDL_ttf 2 BSD John Croisant 0.2.0
slib-charplot The SLIB character plotting library Artistic Aubrey Jaffer Kon Lovett 1.2.2
stb-image read png/jpg/tga/bmp/psd/gif/hdr/pic/pnm images into pixels public domain Kristian Lein-Mathisen 0.6
stb-image-resize resize raw u8/u16/u32/f32-vector images public-domain Kristian Lein-Mathisen 0.3
stb-image-write write png/jpg/tga/bmp images public-domain Kristian Lein-Mathisen 0.3
x11-colors named standard colors as available in X11 BSD felix winkelmann 1.1
xlib Xlib bindings unknown Richard Mann felix winkelmann 1.3

Debugging tools

Name Description License Author Maintainer Version
debugger-protocol Low-level interface to debugger-protocol BSD Felix Winkelmann The CHICKEN Team 0.4
nrepl Simple networked REPL over TCP BSD Kristian Lein-Mathisen 5.0.8

Logic programming

Name Description License Author Maintainer Version
amb The non-deterministic backtracking ambivalence operator BSD thomas chust Kon Lovett 3.0.10
mini-kanren Packages the canonical miniKanren implementation for CHICKEN Scheme. MIT William Byrd, Dan Friedman, Oleg Kiselyov Jeremy Steward 1.2.0
tiny-prolog Tiny PROLOG interpreter. BSD Nils M Holm Ivan Raikov 2.1


Name Description License Author Maintainer Version
address-info Network address information access BSD Thomas Chust 1.0.5
amqp AMPQ BSD Fredrik Appelberg 1.0.0
fcp Very basic interface to freenet FCP BSD Matt Welland Matt Welland v0.4
gemini Client library for the gemini:// protocol ISC Lassi Kortela 0.2.1
gemini-client Client library for the gemini:// protocol ISC Lassi Kortela 0.1
gemrefinder Checks Gemini space for replies to your posts AGPL Idiomdrottning 1.5
http-client High-level HTTP client library BSD Peter Bex 1.2.2
ipfs IPFS HTTP API for Scheme unlicense siiky 0.0.15
irc A simple IRC client BSD felix winkelmann 1.9.9
json-rpc A JSON RPC library for R7RS scheme. MIT Ricardo G. Herdt 0.4.5a
memcached Client interface to the Memcached protocol. BSD Ivan Raikov and Seth Alves 1.5
minissh An SSH-2 server and client implementation BSD Kristian Lein-Mathisen 1.0.0
mosquitto Bindings to mosquitto MQTT client library MIT Dmitrii Kosenkov 0.1.5
mpi Message-passing Interface (MPI) GPL-3 Ivan Raikov 2.5
nanomsg unknown MIT Adellica AS
openssl Bindings to the OpenSSL SSL/TLS library BSD Thomas Chust Vasilij Schneidermann 2.2.6
remote-mailbox Remote Mailbox BSD Kon Lovett 1.0.7
sendfile Sending a file over the network BSD David Krentzlin 2.0
smtp Parser combinators and state machine for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (RFC 5321). GPL-3 Ivan Raikov 5.2
socket Interface to the BSD socket API BSD Jim Ursetto 0.3.3
tcp-server A simple generic multithreaded tcp-server BSD felix 1.5
tcp6 Interface to TCP over IPv4 and IPv6 BSD Jim Ursetto 0.2.1
transmission Transmission RPC unlicense siiky 0.3.0
udp An interface to User Datagram Protocol sockets BSD Category 5 Ivan Raikov 1.18
udp6 Interface to UDP over IPv4 and IPv6 BSD Jim Ursetto 0.2.0
yaml Bindings to libyaml MIT Aaron Patterson 0.2.2
zmq Bindings for the ZeroMQ API LGPL Moritz Heidkamp Ivan Raikov 0.2


Name Description License Author Maintainer Version
allegro Allegro BSD Daniel J. Leslie 4.0.0
ansi-escape-sequences Procedures to generate ANSI escape sequences BSD Mario Domenech Goulart 0.6
breadline Bindings to readline GPL-3 Vasilij Schneidermann 0.12
endian-port An I/O port that supports different endian formats. GPL-3 Ivan Raikov, partially reimplemented by Shawn Rutledge 4.0
fmt Combinator Formatting BSD Alex Shinn
format Common-Lisp style formatted output Public Domain Dirk Lutzebeck Felix Winkelmann, Kon Lovett 3.2.3
inotify Bindings to inotify MIT Vasilij Schneidermann 1.1
ioctl ioctl system call interface BSD Alex Shinn 0.4
linenoise A minimal, zero-config, BSD licensed, readline replacement. BSD Salvatore Sanfilippo Christian Kellermann 1.0
parley A readline replacement written in scheme based on linenoise. BSD Christian Kellermann Christian Kellermann 1.0.1
scan-input-lines Scan lines until a regex or predicate matches BSD Felix Winkelman The CHICKEN Team 0.2
simple-logger A very simple logger BSD Mario Domenech Goulart 1.0.0
soil Lightweight, simple library for loading image files into OpenGL-friendly format. BSD Daniel J. Leslie 1.6.0
srfi-38 A Chicken version of the SRFI-38 reference implementation Public Domain Alex Shinn Sergey Goldgaber 0.9
stty stty-style interface to termios BSD Alex Shinn Erik Falor 0.6


Name Description License Author Maintainer Version
arcadedb An ArcadeDB database driver for CHICKEN Scheme. ZLIB-Acknowledgement Christian Himpe 0.8
estraier-client A pure Scheme Hyper Estraier client library BSD Peter Bex 1.0
leveldb Bindings to Google's LevelDB Key-Value Store BSD Kristian Lein-Mathisen 1.2
lmdb Bindings to LMDB OpenLDAP Thomas Chust 1.0.6
lmdb-ht Hashtable-like interface to the LMDB key-value database. BSD Lambda Native Ivan Raikov 3.4
mdh interface to the MDH database GPL Kevin O'Kane felix 0.2
postgresql Bindings for PostgreSQL's C-api BSD Johannes Groedem Peter Bex 4.1.4
redis A Redis client library for Chicken Scheme BSD Daniel Ziltener 0.6
rocksdb Bindings to Facebooks's RocksDB Key-Value Store BSD Kristian Lein-Mathisen 1.0
sql-de-lite SQLite 3 interface BSD Jim Ursetto 0.10.1
sql-null A convenience extension for representing SQL NULL values Public Domain Ivan Shmakov 2.0
sqlite3 Bindings to version 3.x of the SQLite API BSD Thomas Chust 3.7.2
sqlite3pth Run SQLite queries asynchronously in pthreads. Supports calling Scheme from SQLite's VFS to supply database block storage. BSD Jörg F. Wittenberger 0.2.6
ssql SQL as S-expressions BSD Peter Bex, Moritz Heidkamp, Chris Brannon 0.3
tokyocabinet Tokyo Cabinet hash database interface BSD Sven Hartrumpf 0.1.0

OS interface

Name Description License Author Maintainer Version
daemon Create daemon processes unlicense siiky 0.0.1
dbus A binding for libdbus, the IPC mechanism MIT Shawn Rutledge John J. Foerch 0.97
directory-utils directory-utils BSD Kon Lovett 2.4.1
dot-locking advisory locking mechanism based on standard file operations BSD Olin Shivers felix 0.4
fuse Filesystems in Userspace BSD Evan Hanson 0.1.1
locale Provides locale operations BSD Kon Lovett 0.9.2
nanosleep Interface to POSIX nanosleep BSD Pietro Cerutti 0.3.0
pathname-expand unknown BSD The CHICKEN team 0.3
pkg-config Wrapper around pkg-config BSD Chris Brannon 0.1.2
pledge Bindings for OpenBSD's pledge(2) BSD Evan Hanson 0.1.0
posix-groups Access POSIX group information BSD The CHICKEN Team 0.2.1
posix-mq POSIX message queues API BSD Ivan Raikov 1.1
posix-shm POSIX shared memory API BSD Ivan Raikov 1.4
poule Manage pools of worker processes BSD Pietro Cerutti 0.1.1
rlimit Setting resource limits BSD felix winkelmann Kon Lovett 1.0.2
scsh-process A reimplementation for CHICKEN of SCSH's process notation. BSD Peter Bex 1.6.0
srfi-193 SRFI 193: Command line ISC Lassi Kortela 0.1.3
sysexits Exit status codes for system programs Public Domain Evan Hanson 1.0.0
system-information Obtaining system and host information BSD The CHICKEN Team 0.1
unveil unveil(2) support for CHICKEN ISC Wolfgang Corcoran-Mathe Wolfgang Corcoran-Mathe 0.2

Interfacing to other languages

Name Description License Author Maintainer Version
bind Automatically generate bindings from C/C++ declarations public domain felix winkelmann 1.2.6
dollar FFI convenience macro BSD felix winkelmann and kon lovett 3.0.0
lazy-ffi A foreign function interface for lazy programmers BSD felix 1.8.6
pyffi An interface to the Python programming language. GPL-3 Ivan Raikov 3.14
zshbrev Access Chicken functions from any shell and access zsh functions from Chicken LGPLv3 Idiomdrottning 1.22

Web programming

Name Description License Author Maintainer Version
awful awful provides an application and an extension to ease the development of web-based applications. BSD Mario Domenech Goulart 1.0.3
awful-main Turn awful web applications into static executables BSD Pietro Cerutti 0.1.0
awful-path-matchers Path matchers for awful BSD Mario Domenech Goulart 0.0.2
awful-postgresql Postgresql support for awful BSD Mario Domenech Goulart 0.7.0
awful-salmonella-tar Serve salmonella report files out of tar archives BSD Mario Domenech Goulart 0.0.4
awful-sql-de-lite sql-de-lite support for awful BSD Mario Domenech Goulart 0.7.1
awful-sqlite3 Sqlite3 support for awful BSD Mario Domenech Goulart 0.7.0
awful-sse Server-Sent Events module for Awful BSD Arthur Maciel 0.3
awful-ssl SSL support for awful BSD Mario Domenech Goulart 0.3
awful-static-pages Tool to generate static pages out of awful applications BSD Mario Domenech Goulart 0.1.6
breadcrumbs Breadcrumbs for web pages BSD Mario Domenech Goulart 1.2
clucker Twitter API for Chicken Scheme BSD Nicholas M. Van Horn 0.12
colorize Colorize programming code as HTML MIT Brian Mastenbrook, converted to Scheme by Peter Bex Peter Bex 0.5
fancypants Automatic ASCII smart quotes and ligature handling for SXML BSD Peter Bex 0.5
geminih Gemtext to SXML BSD 1-clause Idiomdrottning 1.13
html-parser A permissive, scalable HTML parser. BSD Alex Shinn 0.3
http-session Facilities for managing HTTP sessions BSD Mario Domenech Goulart 2.10
hyde A static website compiler BSD Moritz Heidkamp 4
intarweb A more convenient HTTP library BSD Peter Bex 2.1.0
multipart-form-data Reads & decodes HTTP multipart/form-data requests. BSD Andy Bennett 0.2
oauth OAuth 1.0, 1.0a, RFC 5849 BSD Andy Bennett 0.3
pastiche A small awful app implementing a pastebin service bsd Christian Kellermann 1.3
qwiki qwiki - the quick wiki BSD Peter Bex 2.2
rest-bind Generates wrappers to REST-like HTTP APIs. BSD Andy Bennett 0.6
scss unknown BSD Moritz Heidkamp 4
sourcehut Bindings and CLI for the REST API BSD Evan Hanson 0.3.3
spiffy A small but powerful web server BSD Felix Winkelmann Peter Bex 6.3
spiffy-cgi-handlers CGI and FastCGI handlers for a small but powerful web server. BSD Felix Winkelmann, Peter Bex & Andy Bennett Peter Bex & Andy Bennett 0.7
spiffy-cookies Procedures for managing cookies BSD Mario Domenech Goulart 1.2
spiffy-directory-listing Flexible directory listing for Spiffy BSD Mario Domenech Goulart 0.3
spiffy-request-vars Easy access to variables from HTTP requests BSD Mario Domenech Goulart 0.19
spiffy-sexpr-log Symbolic expression log format for Spiffy BSD Mario Domenech Goulart 0.3.2
spiffy-uri-match uri-match integration for spiffy BSD Moritz Heidkamp Vasilij Schneidermann 1.0
spock A compiler and runtime system for R5RS Scheme on top of JavaScript BSD felix winkelmann 0.2
topham Bindings for the REST API BSD Evan Hanson 0.1.7
uri-common Parser for common URI schemes BSD Peter Bex 2.0
uri-generic URI generic syntax (RFC 3986) parsing and manipulation. BSD Ivan Raikov, Peter Bex, Seth Alves 3.3
uri-match A flexible URI matcher BSD Moritz Heidkamp Vasilij Schneidermann 1.0
ws-client websocket client library BSD Lo̍h Ka-tsùn 1.0.0
xml-rpc XML-RPC client/server BSD Peter Bex, ported to Chicken 5 and maintained by Chris Brannon 3.0.1

XML processing

Name Description License Author Maintainer Version
atom Atom 1.0 feed reader and writer BSD Jim Ursetto 0.1.5
comic-snarfer Download files (such as web comic images) by recursing on XPath GPLv3 Idiomdrottning 1.23
doctype Exports strings corresponding to standard XML (XHTML, HTML) doctypes Public Domain Jim Ursetto 2.2
expat An interface to James Clark's Expat XML parser BSD felix 2.2
rss A RSS parser BSD felix winkelmann 1.7
ssax Oleg Kiselyov's XML parser Public Domain Oleg Kiselyov, ported to CHICKEN by Kirill Lisovsky, packaged as an extension by felix 5.1.0
svgpath Parse, normalize, and write SVG path data LGPL Idiomdrottning 1.7
sxml-modifications The sxml-modification bits of sxml-tools from the SSAX project at Sourceforge Public Domain Dmitry Lizorkin Aydar Zarifullin 0.3.1
sxml-serializer Serialize SXML to XML and HTML BSD Dmitry Lizorkin 0.5
sxml-transforms The SXML transformations (to XML, SXML, and HTML) from the SSAX project at Sourceforge Public Domain Oleg Kiselyov 1.4.3
sxpath The sxpath bits of sxml-tools from the SSAX project at Sourceforge Public Domain Oleg Kiselyov, Kirill Lisovsky, Dmitry Lizorkin 1.0
xj Unix filter that turns XML into JSON BSD 3-clause Idiomdrottning 1.29

Documentation tools

Name Description License Author Maintainer Version
chalk Simple hahn-style in-source documentation BSD Diego A. Mundo 0.3.5
chickadee chicken-doc web server BSD Jim Ursetto 0.12.2
chicken-doc Explore Chicken documentation locally BSD Jim Ursetto 0.7.0
chicken-doc-admin Administer Chicken documentation locally BSD Jim Ursetto 0.5.0
chicken-doc-html Generate HTML from (svn)wiki SXML BSD Jim Ursetto 0.3.1
hahn In-source documentation BSD Peter Danenberg 0.10.1
manual-labor Generate static HTML manual from wiki docs BSD Jim Ursetto 0.3
markdown-svnwiki Convert Markdown to svnwiki BSD Alex Charlton 0.3.1
premodules Converting a premodule into module, test and doc files BSD Juergen Lorenz 0.7
schematic Tools for Scheme development BSD Evan Hanson 0.3.2
scm2wiki An auto-documentation tool for CHICKEN Scheme. MIT Michael Neidel 0.3.2
svnwiki-sxml Parse svnwiki to sxml BSD Jim Ursetto 0.2.14

Egg tools

Name Description License Author Maintainer Version
henrietta Serve extensions over HTTP BSD felix winkelmann 1.5
henrietta-cache Fetch and cache extensions from various sources for Henrietta to consume BSD Peter Bex 1.6.1
lay Lay eggs efficiently BSD Pietro Cerutti 0.2.2
pseudo-meta-egg-info Provide automatically generated release-info and a pseudo-"meta"-file for eggs in svn Public Domain Peter Bex 1.1
salmonella A tool for testing eggs BSD Mario Domenech Goulart 3.1.1
salmonella-diff A tool to diff salmonella log files BSD Mario Domenech Goulart 1.1.0
salmonella-feeds A tool to generate atom feeds out of salmonella log files BSD Mario Domenech Goulart 0.1.1
salmonella-html-report A tool to generate HTML ouput out of salmonella log files BSD Mario Domenech Goulart 1.7.1

Mathematical libraries

Name Description License Author Maintainer Version
blas An interface to level 1, 2 and 3 BLAS routines BSD felix Ivan Raikov 4.5
elliptic-curves Arithmetic and Cryptography on Elliptic Curve Groups over Finite Fields BSD Thomas Chust 1.0.4
fp-utils fp utilities BSD Kon Lovett 4.2.0
fx-utils fx utilities BSD Kon Lovett 4.0.3
geo-utils Geographic Utilities BSD Kon Lovett 1.2.2
gl-math A small gamedev-oriented math library BSD Alex Charlton Adrien (Kooda) Ramos 0.9.1
math Chicken port of Racket's math library GPL-3.0 Neil Toronto, Jens Axel Søgaard Diego A. Mundo 0.3.4
math-utils Miscellaneous math utilities Public Domain Kon Lovett 1.0.6
mathh ISO C math functions and constants Public Domain Kon Lovett and john cowan 4.7.0
matrico A flonum matrix module for CHICKEN Scheme. ZLIB-Acknowledgement Christian Himpe 0.5rel
micro-stats Easily create micro-stats GPLv3 David Krentzlin Kon Lovett 0.1.2
modular-arithmetic Modular Arithmetic on Finite Fields BSD Thomas Chust 1.0.3
number-limits Limit constants for numbers BSD Kon Lovett 3.0.8
rbf Bindings for the Radial Basis Function interpolation routines by John Burkardt. GPL-3 Ivan Raikov 1.1
srfi-141 SRFI 141: Integer division BSD Taylor Campbell, John Cowan Wolfgang Corcoran-Mathe 1.0.0
srfi-143 SRFI 143: Fixnums MIT John Cowan Sergey Goldgaber 1.0.0
srfi-144 SRFI 144: Flonums MIT John Cowan Diego A. Mundo 0.1.3
srfi-94 SRFI 94: Type-Restricted Numerical Functions MIT Aubrey Jaffer Sergey Goldgaber 0.1
statistics Statistics library GPL-3 Peter Lane Ivan Raikov 0.13
sundials An interface to SUNDIALS (SUite of Nonlinear and DIfferential/ALgebraic equation Solvers). BSD Ivan Raikov 2.17
unitconv Conversion of units of measurement LGPL-3 Ivan Raikov 4.0

Object-oriented programming

Name Description License Author Maintainer Version
coops A featureful object system BSD Dorai Sitaram and felix winkelmann 1.3
coops-utils coops utilities BSD Kon Lovett 2.2.3
operations The T object system BSD Felix Winkelmann 0.6
protobj A prototype-delegation object model LGPL-2.1 Neil van Dyke 0.5
yasos A very simple OOP system BSD Kenneth Dickey 1.14

Algorithms and data-structures

Name Description License Author Maintainer Version
accents-substitute Substitute accented characters in strings BSD Mario Domenech Goulart 0.7
agrep Approximate grep.. GPL-3 Ivan Raikov 1.7
alist-lib SRFI-69-like library for alists BSD Peter Danenberg 0.3.0
arrays Functional arrays and sets BSD Juergen Lorenz 1.0.2
biglists a uniform interface to lists and lazy-lists BSD Juergen Lorenz 0.4.1
binary-search Binary search algorithm BSD The CHICKEN Team 0.2
bitwise-utils Bitwise utilities Public Domain Kon Lovett 1.3.1
blob-utils Blob Utilities BSD Kon Lovett 2.0.4
bloom-filter Bloom Filter BSD Kon Lovett 2.3.4
blosc Bindings to the Blosc multi-threaded meta-compressor library BSD Ivan Raikov 1.1
box Boxing BSD Kon Lovett 3.6.0
byte-blob Byte array utility procedures for blobs. LGPL-3 Ivan Raikov 2.3
callable-data-structures "Callable" data structures BSD Mario Domenech Goulart 1.0.3
callable-sequences Common functional interface to sequential- and random-access sequences BSD Juergen Lorenz 1.3
cis Compact integer sets. LGPL-3 Ivan Raikov 1.4
coin-change Greedy solver for the coin change problem unlicense siiky 1.0.2
combinators Combinators Public Domain kon lovett 1.2.2
dataframe Tabular data structure for data analysis GPL-3 Ivan Raikov 0.5
defstruct A more convenient form of define-record BSD Dorai Sitaram 2.0
digraph Directed graph in adjacency list format. GPL-3 Ivan Raikov 2.0
disjoint-set Disjoint set implementation based on Scheme vectors and their indexes unlicense siiky 0.1.0
dyn-vector Dynamic (dense) vectors based on SRFI-43. LGPL-3 Ivan Raikov 2.1
endian-blob Endian-specific procedures for converting blobs to numeric values and vectors. GPL-3 Ivan Raikov 2.1
ftl Interface based sequence library LGPL-2.1 Sergei Egorov, partially reimplemented by felix winkelmann Felix Winkelmann 0.9
generalized-arrays Provides generalized arrays, intervals, and storage classes for CHICKEN Scheme. BSD-3 Jeremy Steward 2.0.2
graph-bfs Breadth-first search in a graph. GPL-3 Ivan Raikov 2.1
graph-cycles Enumerate all simple cycles in a graph. GPL-3 Ivan Raikov 2.0
graph-dfs Depth-first search in a graph. GPL-3 Ivan Raikov 2.0
graph-scc Compute strongly-connected components (SCC) of a graph. GPL-3 Ivan Raikov 2.0
graph-separators Determine the separation vertices of a graph. GPL-3 Richard Kelsey Ivan Raikov 2.1
hash-trie hash-trie MIT Taylor R. Campbell Kon Lovett 1.1.8
integer-map SRFI 224 integer mappings MIT Wolfgang Corcoran-Mathe Wolfgang Corcoran-Mathe 1.0.3
iset Integer sets BSD Alex Shinn 2.2
json-utils JSON Utilities BSD Kon Lovett 1.1.1
kd-tree K-D tree spatial indexing structure. GPL-3 Ivan Raikov 6.1
lazy-seq Clojure-like lazy sequences BSD Moritz Heidkamp 2
levenshtein Levenshtein edit distance BSD Kon Lovett 2.4.1
list-comprehensions Some list creating routines BSD Juergen Lorenz 1.2.1
list-utils list-utils BSD Kon Lovett 2.6.0
llrb-syntax Expands LLRB code customized to data structures. BSD Jörg F. Wittenberger 0.2
llrb-tree LLRB tree general and customized to key types. BSD Jörg F. Wittenberger 0.3.8
magic-pipes Unix shell pipeline tools for working with s-expressions BSD Alaric Snell-Pym Alaric Snell-Pym 1.3
monad Monads BSD Daniel J. Leslie 5.0
natural-sort Natural sorting procedures MIT Vasilij Schneidermann 1.1
npdiff Compute the longest common subsequence of two sequences GPL-3 Ivan Raikov 2.0
object-evict Evict data to unmanaged memory BSD The CHICKEN Team 0.1.1
patch Simple source patch utility MIT Tony Sidaway Ivan Raikov 1.15
protobuf Protocol buffer serialization BSD Thomas Chust 1.2.3
pseudolists pseudolists as a generalisation of ordinary lists BSD Juergen Lorenz 3.0
quasiwalk A tree map that respects quote, quasiquote, and unquote BSD 1-clause Idiomdrottning 1.10
queues A queue data structure Public Domain Andrew Wilcox, ported to CHICKEN by felix 0.1
r6rs-bytevectors An implementation of r6rs bytevectors MIT William D Clinger Diego Mundo 0.1.7
random-mtzig MT19937 random number generator with Marsaglia and Tang's Ziggurat algorithm to generate random numbers from a non-uniform distribution. BSD Ivan Raikov 5.1
rb-tree A sorted dictionary data structure based on red-black trees. GPL-3 Ivan Raikov 6.2
records Procedural record-type interface Public Domain David Carlton, Aubrey Jaffer 1.4
rope Heavyweight alternative to strings BSD Evan Hanson 0.1.0
salt Hybrid dynamical systems modeling. GPL-3 Ivan Raikov 0.28
semantic-version Semantic Version Utilities BSD Kon Lovett 0.0.17
sequences Generic sequence operators BSD felix winkelmann 0.6.1
sequences-utils (More) Generic sequence operators BSD Kon Lovett 0.5.1
shen Port of the Shen language for Chicken Scheme BSD David Ireland 0.1
simple-cells Implementation of typed cells to replace general set! operators BSD Juergen Lorenz 1.2.2
simple-sequences A common interface to sequences BSD Juergen Lorenz 1.0
skiplists An implementation of skiplists BSD Juergen Lorenz 1.0.2
slib-arraymap The SLIB applicative routines for the arrays library BSD Aubrey Jaffer Kon Lovett 1.1.4
slib-compat CHICKEN SLIB compatibility library Artistic Kon Lovett 1.0.0
slib-wt-tree Weight-balanced trees GPLv2 Stephen Adams Wolfgang Corcoran-Mathe 0.1.6
slice A slicer procedure for lists, strings and vectors BSD Mario Domenech Goulart 1.3
sparse-vectors Arbitrarily large vectors BSD Richard Kelsey and Jonathan Rees Felix Winkelmann 1.1.0
srfi-1 SRFI-1 list library BSD Olin Shivers The CHICKEN Team 0.5.1
srfi-111 SRFI-111: Boxes MIT John Cowan Kon Lovett 0.5
srfi-113 SRFI-113: Sets and Bags BSD John Cowan Jeremy Steward 1.2.0
srfi-116 SRFI-116: Immutable Lists. BSD John Cowan Jeremy Steward 1.7
srfi-117 SRFI-117: Mutable Queues BSD John Cowan Jeremy Steward 1.4
srfi-121 SRFI-121: Generators BSD John Cowan Jeremy Steward 1.8
srfi-123 SRFI-123 - Generic accessor and modifier operations MIT Taylan Ulrich Bayırlı/Kammer Diego A. Mundo 0.2.1
srfi-127 SRFI-127: Lazy Sequences BSD John Cowan Ivan Raikov 1.3
srfi-128 SRFI-128: Comparators (reduced) BSD John Cowan Jeremy Steward, Jörg F. Wittenberger 0.11
srfi-13 SRFI-13 string library BSD Olin Shivers The CHICKEN Team 0.3.4
srfi-130 SRFI-130: Cursor-based string library MIT Wolfgang Corcoran-Mathe Wolfgang Corcoran-Mathe 2.0.1
srfi-132 SRFI-132: Sort Libraries BSD John Cowan Wolfgang Corcoran-Mathe 1.0.0
srfi-133 SRFI-133: Vector Library (R7RS-compatible) BSD John Cowan, Taylor Campbell, Will Clinger Jeremy Steward 1.6.1
srfi-134 SRFI 134: Immutable deques MIT John Cowan, Kevin Wortman, Shiro Kawai, and Wolfgang Corcoran-Mathe Wolfgang Corcoran-Mathe 1.1.1
srfi-135 SRFI 135: Immutable Texts MIT William D. Clinger Wolfgang Corcoran-Mathe 1.0.2
srfi-137 SRFI-137: Minimal Unique Types MIT John Cowan & Marc Nieper-Wißkirchen Wolfgang Corcoran-Mathe 0.2
srfi-14 SRFI-14 character-sets library BSD Olin Shivers The CHICKEN Team 0.2.1
srfi-146 SRFI 146: Mappings MIT Arthur A. Gleckler, Marc Nieper-Wißkirchen Vasilij Schneidermann 0.1
srfi-151 SRFI 151: Bitwise Operations MIT Olin Shivers, Aubrey Jaffer, John Cowan Sören Tempel 1.0.2
srfi-152 String library (reduced) MIT John Cowan Wolfgang Corcoran-Mathe 1.0
srfi-171 SRFI-171: Transducers MIT Linus Björnstam Sergey Goldgaber 0.2
srfi-174 srfi-174 MIT John Cowan Kon Lovett 1.0.2
srfi-178 SRFI 178: Bitvector library MIT John Cowan and Wolfgang Corcoran-Mathe Wolfgang Corcoran-Mathe 1.0.2
srfi-179 SRFI-179: Nonempty Intervals and Generalized Arrays (Updated) MIT Bradley Lucier Diego A. Mundo 0.2.3
srfi-189 SRFI 189: Maybe and Either MIT John Cowan and Wolfgang Corcoran-Mathe Wolfgang Corcoran-Mathe 1.0.3
srfi-19 Time Data Types and Procedures BSD Will Fitzgerald (for CHICKEN by Kon Lovett) Kon Lovett 4.9.8
srfi-196 SRFI-196: Range Objects MIT John Cowan & Wolfgang Corcoran-Mathe Wolfgang Corcoran-Mathe 1.0.1
srfi-207 SRFI-207: String-notated bytevectors MIT Daphne Preston-Kendal, John Cowan, & Wolfgang Corcoran-Mathe Wolfgang Corcoran-Mathe 2.0.0
srfi-209 SRFI 209: Enums and enum sets MIT John Cowan and Wolfgang Corcoran-Mathe Wolfgang Corcoran-Mathe 1.3.1
srfi-217 SRFI 217: Integer Sets MIT John Cowan and Wolfgang Corcoran-Mathe Wolfgang Corcoran-Mathe 0.2
srfi-25 Multidimensional arrays SRFI Jussi Piitulainen Ivan Raikov 1.3
srfi-27 Sources of Random Bits BSD Sebastian Egner, for CHICKEN by Kon Lovett and Sergey Goldgaber Kon Lovett 4.2.3
srfi-4-comprehensions SRFI-42 Comprehensions for SRFI-4 Vectors SRFI Will Farr Ivan Raikov 1.5
srfi-41 SRFI 41 (Streams) BSD Philip L. Bewig, for CHICKEN by Kon Lovett Kon Lovett 2.1.5
srfi-42 SRFI-42 (Eager comprehensions) SRFI Sebastian Egner Ivan Raikov 1.76
srfi-47 SRFI-47: Arrays BSD Aubrey Jaffer Sergey Goldgaber 2.0
srfi-60 SRFI 60: Integers as bits MIT Aubrey Jaffer Wolfgang Corcoran-Mathe 0.7.1
srfi-63 Homogeneous and heterogeneous arrays Artistic Aubrey Jaffer, ported to hygienic Chicken with test suite by Peter Danenberg Ivan Raikov 0.5
srfi-66 SRFI-66: Octet Vectors MIT Michael Sperber Sergey Goldgaber 0.1
srfi-69 SRFI-69 hash-table library BSD The CHICKEN Team The CHICKEN Team 0.4.3
srfi-74 SRFI-74: Octet-Addressed Binary Blocks MIT Michael Sperber Sergey Goldgaber 0.1
srfi-95 SRFI-95: Sorting and merging Public Domain Richard A. O'Keefe, ported to hygienic Chicken with test suite by Peter Danenberg Sergey Goldgaber 2.0
srfi-99 SRFI-99 record types BSD Thomas Chust 1.4.5
stack Provides LIFO queue (stack) operations BSD Kon Lovett 3.2.0
stemmer Bindings for the Snowball project's libstemmer BSD Moritz Heidkamp 0.0.2
string-utils String Utilities BSD Kon Lovett 2.7.4
symbol-utils Symbol Utilities BSD Kon Lovett 2.6.0
tabular Parsing and formatting of tabular text data such as comma- and delimiter-separated values (CSV and DSV). GPL-3 Ivan Raikov 1.4
transducers Transducers for working with foldable data types. MIT Jeremy Steward 0.5.5
traversal Various list operations LGPL Jeffrey Mark Siskind Andrei Barbu 1.7
tree A tree utility library MIT Idiomdrottning & John Cowan 1.50
trie A trie (prefix tree) implementation BSD Moritz Heidkamp 2
unsafe Unsafe operations BSD felix winkelmann 1.0
vector-lib Port of the SRFI-43 reference implementation BSD Taylor Campbell The CHICKEN Team 2.1.1
vectr A linear vectr library. GPLv3 Andrew Mack 0.1
vlist An implementation of vlists, a functional list-like data structure. LGPL-3 Ludovic Courtès Ivan Raikov 1.1
z3 A gzip (RFC1952) compression and decompression library BSD Oskar Schirmer and felix winkelmann 2.0
zlib Bindings for zlib GPL-3 Joseph Gay 0.7.0
zstd ZStandard bindings BSD Kristian Lein-Mathisen 1.2

Data formats and parsing

Name Description License Author Maintainer Version
7off Markdown to Gemini text AGPL Idiomdrottning 1.33
abnf Parser combinators for Augmented BNF grammars (RFC 4234). GPL-3 Ivan Raikov 8.3
acetone A simple parser BSD 1-clause Idiomdrottning 1.2
base64 Encoding and decoding of base64 strings BSD James Bailey, Jim Ursetto 1.0
bencode Bencoding parser and serializer BSD Caolan McMahon 1.3.1
bitstring Binary pattern matching BSD rivo 1.37
cjson JSON parsing done in C. Sometimes a good idea. BSD Adellica 5.0.3
cmark A chicken wrapper for cmark with markdown to sxml capabilities MIT Harley Swick 0.1.0
comparse Schemely parser combinators BSD Moritz Heidkamp 3
cst Visualize sexps as trees via Graphviz BSD 1-clause Idiomdrottning 1.5
csv-abnf Parsing and formatting of comma-separated values (CSV). GPL-3 Ivan Raikov 6.1
edn EDN data reader/writer. BSD Daniel Ziltener 1.0
ersatz A template engine inspired by Jinja2 and Jingoo. LGPL-3 Ivan Raikov 1.28
filepath Cross-platform file path manipulation. BSD Ivan Raikov 1.6
gmi Gemtext reader and writer unlicense siiky 0.0.7
iconv Character-set conversions Public Domain Alejandro Forero Cuervo 2.0
icu Chicken bindings to the ICU unicode library Unicode Diego A. Mundo 0.3.3
input-parse input-stream tokenizing and parsing routines. Public Domain Oleg Kiselyov. Ported to chicken by Shawn Wagner. 1.2
internet-message Parser combinators for Internet Message Format (RFC 5322). GPL-3 Ivan Raikov 7.1
json A JSON library MIT Tony Garnock-Jones 1.6
json-abnf Parser combinators for JavaScript Object Notation (JSON). GPL-3 Ivan Raikov 7.0
lalr An efficient LALR(1) parser generator LGPL-3 Dominique Boucher Ivan Raikov 2.5.2
ldif-sexpr Convert (parse&write) LDIF, rfc4514 and LDAP filters (rfc2254) into S-expressions. BSD Jörg F. Wittenberger 0.3.2
lexgen Lexer combinators GPL-3 Ivan Raikov 8.2
lowdown A pure Chicken Markdown parser BSD Moritz Heidkamp 3
magic libmagic bindings BSD Evan Hanson 0.1.0
medea A JSON parser (and emitter) built with comparse BSD Moritz Heidkamp 4
mistie A programmable filter BSD Dorai Sitaram felix winkelmann 1.9
msgpack MessagePack implementation for CHICKEN BSD Hugo Arregui Théo Cavignac 1.0.3
packrat A packrat parsing library MIT Tony Garnock-Jones felix winkelmann 1.5
pandoc Call upon Pandoc to parse documents into SXML MIT Lassi Kortela 0.2.3
rfc3339 RFC3339 datetime parser BSD Jim Ursetto 0.1.3
s11n Serialization of arbitrary data. BSD felix 0.9.12
silex An efficient and powerful lexer generator BSD Danny Dubé 1.0
snowtar TAR file format packing and unpacking. LGPL-2.1-or-later Marc Feeley Lassi Kortela 1.1
sq Scheme jq wrapper for processing S-expressions BSD Evan Hanson 0.2
srfi-115 SRFI 115: Scheme Regular Expressions MIT Alex Shinn Wolfgang Corcoran-Mathe 0.3.2
srfi-180 This library describes a JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) parser and printer. It supports JSON that may be bigger than memory. MIT Amirouche Boubekki 1.0.0
toml A Chicken binding to read TOML configuration files MIT Daniel Ziltener 0.8
utf8 Unicode support BSD Alex Shinn 3.6.3
web-colors Parse and write HTML/CSS color strings BSD John Croisant 1.0.0


Name Description License Author Maintainer Version
autocompile Automatically compile Scheme scripts on demand public domain felix winkelmann 1.1.0
beaker Lab supplies for CHICKEN development BSD Evan Hanson 0.0.23
chicken-belt A utility belt for managing your CHICKEN coop BSD Christian Kellermann, Moritz Heidkamp, Evan Hanson 0.1.0
chicken-update Update installed eggs public domain Diego A. Mundo 0.1.6
commands Helpers for programs that dispatch commands BSD Mario Domenech Goulart 1.0.0
csm a build system BSD felix 0.5
dust Fetch and install CHICKEN versions BSD Evan Hanson 0.0.16
edward An extensible implementation of the ed text editor as defined in POSIX.1-2008 GPLv3 Sören Tempel 1.0.1
egg-tarballs Creates tarballs for eggs in henrietta cache BSD Mario Domenech Goulart 0.10.0
envsubst Simple templating with parameter expansion BSD Robert C Jensen 1.0.0
henrietta-cache-git A tool to convert and keep henrietta's cache in a git repository BSD Mario Domenech Goulart 0.0.1
lsp-server LSP Server for CHICKEN. MIT Ricardo Gabriel Herdt 0.4.4
make-tests Create unit tests from a file of expressions Public Domain Idiomdrottning 1.12
r7rs-tools "Pure" r7rs compiler and interpreter public domain Diego A. Mundo 0.1.1
scheme-indent A Scheme code indenter BSD felix winkelmann 0.7
scmfmt Chicken Scheme code formattor to use from stdin/stdout BSD Anes Lihovac 0.1
svnwiki2html A program to convert svnwiki syntax to HTML BSD Mario Domenech Goulart 0.0.2
test-new-egg A tool to test new eggs before they are added to the official CHICKEN repository BSD Mario Domenech Goulart 1.0.4
trace tracing and breakpoints public domain felix winkelmann 2.0


Name Description License Author Maintainer Version
espeak Chicken bindings for espeak-ng's speak_lib.h GPL-3.0 Diego A. Mundo 0.1.7
mpd-client Interface to Music Player Daemon BSD Hans Bulfone Vasilij Schneidermann 2.1
taglib Bindings to taglib LGPL Vasilij Schneidermann 0.2.5


Name Description License Author Maintainer Version
cluckcheck A Chicken Scheme port of the QuickCheck unit test framework BSD Andrew Pennebaker 0.0
micro-benchmark Easily create micro-benchmarks GPLv3 David Krentzlin Kon Lovett 0.0.20
server-test Utilities to help testing servers BSD Mario Domenech Goulart 0.6
simple-tests Some simple test routines BSD Juergen Lorenz 3.1
srfi-64 SRFI 64:"A Scheme API for test suites" implementation SRFI Sunjoong Lee John J. Foerch 1.0.5
srfi-78 SRFI-78: Lightweight testing MIT Sebastian Egner Wolfgang Corcoran-Mathe 0.5
test Yet Another Testing Utility BSD Alex Shinn 1.2
test-generative Allows quickcheck like testing for pure code with the test egg GPLv3 David Krentzlin alice maz 0.0.6
test-utils Test Utilities (for test egg) BSD Kon Lovett 1.0.5


Name Description License Author Maintainer Version
aes A self-contained implementation of the AES / Rijndael encryption algorithm BSD Alaric Snell-Pym 1.5
botan Bindings to the Botan cryptographic library BSD-2-Clause Thomas Chust 2.13.20191214-0
crc Computes CRC checksum BSD Daishi Kato 1.0.2
crypt Secure password hashing through the Unix crypt() function Public Domain Peter Bex, with code from many people 1.0.1
crypto-tools Useful cryptographic primitives BSD Alaric Snell-Pym 1.4
hmac HMAC provides a HMAC using the message-digest interface. BSD Thomas Hintz 7.2.0
isaac Bindings to the ISAAC CSPRNG BSD Evan Hanson 1.0.0
md5 Computes MD5 (RFC1321) checksums Public Domain Colin Plumb, packaged for Chicken by Peter Bex Kon Lovett 4.1.3
message-digest Message Digest (omnibus) BSD Kon Lovett 4.3.0
message-digest-primitive Message Digest Primitive BSD Kon Lovett 4.3.8
message-digest-type Message Digest Type BSD Kon Lovett 4.3.6
message-digest-utils Message Digest Support BSD Kon Lovett 4.3.7
monocypher Monocypher cryptographic library BSD-2-Clause Thomas Chust 4.0.1
pwdb A command-line-based password manager BSD Alaric Snell-Pym Alaric Snell-Pym 1.4
rabbit Rabbit stream cipher. Public Domain Martin Boesgaard, Mette Vesterager, Thomas Christensen and Erik Zenner Ivan Raikov 2.1
ripemd RIPE Message Digest BSD Kon Lovett 2.1.2
sha1 Computes SHA1 (FIPS-180-1) checksums Public Domain Steve Reid, packaged for Chicken by Peter Bex Kon Lovett 4.1.7
sha2 Computes 256-, 385- and 512-bit SHA2 checksums BSD Aaron D. Gifford and Daishi Kato Kon Lovett 4.2.5
simple-md5 Computes MD5 (RFC1321) checksums Public Domain Colin Plumb, packaged for Chicken by Peter Bex Peter Bex 0.1.1
simple-sha1 A fast and simple SHA1 implementation with minimal dependencies Public Domain Steve Reid and felix winkelmann felix winkelmann 1.2
siphash The SipHash family of hash functions BSD Evan Hanson 0.1.0
tiger-hash Tiger/192 Message Digest BSD Kon Lovett 4.1.2
tweetnacl TweetNaCl cryptographic library BSD Thomas Chust 1.4.2
uuid native chicken uuid library BSD alice maz alice maz 0.1
uuid-lib OSF DCE 1.1 UUID BSD Kon Lovett 0.0.15
zxcvbn zxcvbn password entropy estimation BSD Thomas Chust 1.0.0

User interface toolkits

Name Description License Author Maintainer Version
ezd easy drawing for programs on X displays BSD Joel Bartlett Adrien (Kooda) Ramos 2020.01.26
gtk-server GTK-server binding GPL3 Felix Winkelmann, Vasilij Schneidermann 0.1
iup Bindings to the IUP GUI library BSD Thomas Chust 1.9.5
kiwi Bindings to the KiWi library zlib Vasilij Schneidermann 1.0.2
ncurses An interface to the UNIX ncurses package BSD felix winkelmann The CHICKEN Team 2.0
pstk PS/Tk: Portable Scheme interface to Tk BSD W-D. Busch, N. Holm, K. Dickey 1.4.1
qt-light A lightweight Qt 5 interface BSD felix winkelmann 1.0
stfl Bindings to the STFL curses widget library GPL-3 Vasilij Schneidermann 1.1
termbox Minimal text based user interfaces. Bindings for nsf/termbox MIT Justin Meiners 0.3
webview Multi-platform HTML user interface shell BSD Thomas Chust 1.0.1

Code generation

Name Description License Author Maintainer Version
sexpc Unix filter that turns sexps into C syntax BSD 1-clause Idiomdrottning 1.4

Macros and meta-syntax

Name Description License Author Maintainer Version
ck-macros Composable macros based on the CK abstract machine Public Domain John Croisant, based on work by Oleg Kiselyov 0.3.1


Name Description License Author Maintainer Version
advice 'advise' functionality BSD felix winkelmann 0.4
apropos CHICKEN apropos BSD Kon Lovett 3.11.0
args Command-line argument handling, on top of SRFI 37 BSD Jim Ursetto 1.6.2
big-chicken Wrapper module for all core modules BSD felix winkelmann 1.1
check-errors Argument checks & errors BSD Kon Lovett 3.8.2
compile-file Programmatic compiler invocation BSD The CHICKEN Team 1.3
condition-utils SRFI 12 Condition Utilities BSD Kon Lovett 2.3.1
define-options Conveniently bind to getopt-long options LGPL Idiomdrottning and Chris Brannon 1.23
dynamic-import Dynamic Import Public Domain Kon Lovett 1.0.2
ephem A wrapper for libnova a 'general purpose, double precision, Celestial Mechanics, Astrometry and Astrodynamics library.' GPLv3 Rob Altenburg v1.1
error-utils Error Utilities BSD Kon Lovett 2.1.0
expand-full Full macro expansion BSD Kon Lovett 2.1.3
genann Chicken bindings to genann - a simple neural network library in ANSI C Zlib Diego A. Mundo 0.2.2
getopt-long Command line option parsing. LGPL-3 Ivan Raikov 1.21
getopt-utils Utilities for getopt-long BSD Kon Lovett 1.2.0
git libgit2 bindings BSD Evan Hanson 0.2.0
heap-o-rama ... BSD felix 0.4
jsmin Implementation of Douglas Crockford's JavaScript minifier in CHICKEN Scheme BSD Mario Domenech Goulart 2.2
latch Evaluate expressions once public domain felix winkelmann The CHICKEN Team 0.3
live-define Hack that replaces “define” with a version that mutates existing procedures. Public Domain Adrien (Kooda) Ramos 1.1
memoize Procedures memoization BSD Arthur Maciel 0.3
memory-mapped-files Memory-mapped file access for UNIX and Windows BSD The CHICKEN Team, Windows support by "rivo" 0.4
optimism Command line option handling Public Domain Evan Hanson 0.1.0
posix-regex A thin wrapper around POSIX regular expression matching GPL-3 Sören Tempel 0.1.0
posix-utils posix-utils BSD Kon Lovett 2.1.1
procedure-decoration Procedure Decoration API BSD Kon Lovett 3.0.0
regex Compatibility library for old regular expression API BSD felix winkelmann The CHICKEN team 2.0
s48-modules basic Scheme48 module syntax BSD felix 0.7
scheme2c-compatibility Scheme->c compatibility package LGPL Andrei Barbu Andrei Barbu 1.8
shell Convenient shell-command invocation public domain Felix Winkelmann 0.4
srfi-29 Localization BSD Scott G. Miller (for CHICKEN Kon Lovett) Kon Lovett 3.0.11
srfi-34 SRFI-34: Exception Handling for Programs SRFI Richard Kelsey, Michael Sperber Ben Clark, Jörg F. Wittenberger 0.7
srfi-35 SRFI-35 Conditions MIT Richard Kelsey and Michael Sperber Sergey Goldgaber 0.1
srfi-37 A simple and flexible command-line option parsing facility SRFI Anthony Carrico 1.4
stalin An aggressively optimizing Scheme->C compiler GPL-2 Jeffrey Mark Siskind, ported to CHICKEN by felix winkelmann 0.11.11
states Simple Finite State Machine library Public Domain Bowuigi 1.0
svn-client A wrapper around Subversion's libsvn_client C library. Public Domain Alejandro Forero Cuervo Peter Bex 1.2
this Python's "this" module ported to CHICKEN BSD Mario Domenech Goulart 0.1
typed-records Typed variants of various record-definition macros BSD felix winkelmann megane 0.82
unitex-named-chars Unicode & LaTeX Named Chars BSD Kon Lovett 0.0.4

Concurrency and parallelism

Name Description License Author Maintainer Version
concurrent-native-callbacks Invoke callbacks from other native threads BSD bevuta IT GmbH (Felix Winkelmann) 1.0
forcible Thread- and exception aware, lazy-looking synchronization with timeouts - extending srfi-45 BSD Jörg F. Wittenberger 0.3.10
gochan golang channels in CHICKEN BSD Kristian Lein-Mathisen 5.2.10
hopefully Simple software transactional memory. BSD Jörg F. Wittenberger 0.2.6
mailbox Thread-safe queues with timeout BSD felix winkelman and kon lovett 3.3.10
opencl Bindings to OpenCL BSD Kristian Lein-Mathisen 1.3
pigeon-hole A mailbox constrained by capacity. BSD Jörg F. Wittenberger 0.2.8
pthreads Maintain and talk to a pthread pool. BSD Jörg F. Wittenberger 0.2
simple-timer Simple, cancel-able, efficient timer API BSD Jörg F. Wittenberger 0.1.2
srfi-18 SRFI-18 thread library BSD The CHICKEN Team The CHICKEN Team 0.1.7
synch Synchronization Forms BSD Kon Lovett 3.3.9
thread-utils Thread Utilities BSD Kon Lovett 2.2.8
timed-resource Resource w/ Timeout BSD Kon Lovett 2.4.2

Not categorized

Name Description License Author Maintainer Version
system load and compile groups of files BSD felix winkelmann 0.8

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