1. gemrefinder
    1. Using with Urlwatch
    2. Installation


gemrefinder -p gemini://your.own.domain/page-with-your-posts

gemrefinder checks Gemini space for replies to your posts.

The current version checks

It only checks titles of posts, and see if they start with "RE: something you've started a post title with".

Your own posts are included, but you can pipe the output of gemrefinder through grep -v to get rid of those.

Using with Urlwatch

Urlwatch is a great match for gemrefinder.

Here is an example config entry that you can add with urlwatch --edit.

name: "replies on Gemini"
command: "gemrefinder -m 60 -p gemini://your.own.domain/page-with-your-posts|grep -v gemini://your.own.domain/"

Then run urlwatch by hand to see if it works, and then add it to your cron jobs.


You can install gemrefinder with

chicken-install gemrefinder

You also need to have gmni in your path.

For source code (AGPL),

git clone