Exit status codes for programs. See sysexits(3) for more info.

The source for this egg is available here.


[constant] exit/ok
[constant] exit/usage
[constant] exit/dataerr
[constant] exit/noinput
[constant] exit/nouser
[constant] exit/nohost
[constant] exit/unavailable
[constant] exit/software
[constant] exit/oserr
[constant] exit/osfile
[constant] exit/cantcreat
[constant] exit/ioerr
[constant] exit/tempfail
[constant] exit/protocol
[constant] exit/noperm
[constant] exit/config

These values correspond to the exit codes defined by sysexits(3) and have the following approximate meanings:

 exit/ok          ; successful termination
 exit/usage       ; command line usage error
 exit/dataerr     ; data format error
 exit/noinput     ; cannot open input
 exit/nouser      ; addressee unknown
 exit/nohost      ; host name unknown
 exit/unavailable ; service unavailable
 exit/software    ; internal software error
 exit/oserr       ; system error (e.g., can't fork)
 exit/osfile      ; critical OS file missing
 exit/cantcreat   ; can't create (user) output file
 exit/ioerr       ; input/output error
 exit/tempfail    ; temp failure; user is invited to retry
 exit/protocol    ; remote error in protocol
 exit/noperm      ; permission denied
 exit/config      ; configuration error


Evan Hanson



Public Domain