An interface to the ioctl(2) system call.

ioctl(2) provides an interface to the operating system terminal drivers (or more commonly these days to ptys (pseudo-terminals)). ioctl is very low-level - most aspects of the terminal can be controlled with the higher-level termios(4), available in Chicken as the even higher-level stty egg.


[procedure] (ioctl-winsize [<port-or-fileno>])

Returns a list of the form (<num-rows> <num-columns>) for the given port or file descriptor, defaulting to current-output-port.

[procedure] (ioctl <port-or-fileno> <request> [<args> ...])

Makes the given ioctl request with any arguments provided. The following requests are available:

The struct winsize *ws arguments use the winsize record:

   make-winsize free-winsize
   winsize-row winsize-col
   winsize-row-set! winsize-col-set!

The struct termios *term arguments use the term-attrs record from the stty egg.

The integer pointer arguments can be handled with pointers from the lolevel extension.


Alex Shinn


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