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33367 wasamasa Thu Jun 2 14:13:00 2016 Fix typo
32627 DeeEff Wed Jul 29 17:12:00 2015 Fixes broken link to bitbucket in eggs tutorial
32560 mario Thu Jul 9 23:02:00 2015 eggs tutorial (wiki): add info about how to request an svn account. Also mention chickadee as a nice side effect of wiki documentation
32451 mario Sat May 30 19:16:00 2015 wiki: Prefer using THE SYSTEM over the svn repo
31126 mario Fri Jul 18 00:19:00 2014 Properly capitalize CHICKEN on the wiki directory (only first level). I used the following shell script to change things: while IFS= read -d $'\0' -r file ; do sed -i 's/Chicken/CHICKEN/g' "$file" done < <(find wiki -maxdepth 1 -type f -print0 ) Some files have been manually reverted after that, since some substitutions don't apply: - friedly-chicken (repl banner) - survey2011 (Chicken in URI paths) - chickenista-guide (Chickenista) I hope the link canonicalization thing will be on my side.
30458 mario Thu Feb 13 11:41:00 2014 eggs tutorial (wiki): use -O3 in .setup example
29613 mario Mon Aug 19 14:55:00 2013 eggs tutorial (wiki): add note to "Testing your extension" about calling executable files installed by eggs from tests
29356 svnwiki Sun Jul 14 18:42:00 2013 Anonymous wiki edit for IP []: Remove "mpeg3.o" from files to install. It's not officially supported anymore.
29340 mario Tue Jul 9 22:00:00 2013 eggs tutorial: add note wrt versions as strings
28245 svnwiki Mon Feb 4 20:52:00 2013 Anonymous wiki edit for IP []: "salmonella --this-egg" is deprecated
28005 syn Fri Dec 28 13:06:00 2012 eggs tutorial: Remove static module compilation example; explain -j and -J better.
27004 mario Thu Jul 5 18:32:00 2012 eggs tutorial (wiki): salmonella picks the latest released egg versions (thanks to Peter Bex for noticing that)
27003 mario Thu Jul 5 18:05:00 2012 eggs tutorial (wiki): move "Testing your extension" to a "Tests" subsection. "Testing your extension" before "Additional files" doesn't really make sense, since salmonella depends on .setup/.meta files. Also remove redundant explanation on tests/run.scm
27002 mario Thu Jul 5 17:57:00 2012 eggs tutorial (wiki): add "Managing and hosting eggs" section for better document structure. "Managing eggs in the Chicken hosted repository" and "Managing eggs in your own source control system" are now subsections of "Managing and hosting eggs".
27001 mario Thu Jul 5 17:53:00 2012 eggs tutorial (wiki): remove "the easy way" and "for advanced users" from section titles about hosting eggs onthe chicken svn and other VCS repositories, respectively.
26795 mario Fri May 25 20:14:00 2012 Eggs tutorial (wiki): add quick instructions about salmonella to the "Testing your extension" section (thanks to Peter Danenberg for suggesting that).
26505 syn Sun Apr 15 16:56:00 2012 eggs tutorial: turn version number in the example to a string and advise to do so
26125 sjamaan Sun Mar 11 17:31:00 2012 egg tutorial: recommend authors start with their egg's name
25212 svnwiki Wed Sep 21 13:40:00 2011 Anonymous wiki edit for IP []: Add warning about licenses to egg tutorial
25037 jgabr Sat Sep 10 22:44:00 2011 Added h2 title to top.
25030 jgabr Sat Sep 10 17:18:00 2011 Added note to intro about creating eggs from other free software Scheme (or other language) modules.
25006 alaric Fri Sep 9 10:12:00 2011 Referenced the New Way Of Hosting Eggs in the eggs tutorial, leaving the existing SVN-based instructions in place for people who don't want to host their own VCS.
24042 mario Tue Jun 14 18:47:00 2011 eggs tutorial: updated the "Testing your extension" section.
23415 sjamaan Sun Apr 3 15:59:00 2011 eggs licensing page is not called "eggslicensing" but "eggs-licensing"
23148 mario Sun Mar 20 13:33:00 2011 eggs tutorial (wiki): added note about run.scm's exit status (for integration to salmonella reports).