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CHICKEN logos!

Here are a few proposals for a new logo:

Vector source files

(by Joshua Griffith)

Modified version for dark backgrounds:

Vector source files


(by Ivan Raikov)


new image also by sarah

(by sarah)


This design inspired a few shoot-offs by Moe Aboulkheir:

The above is my current favorite. It gets rid of the interior "y" join at the chicken's wing, which clutters many of the other versions. The lambda is easily seen. The color scheme is working, although other color schemes are certainly possible. I do think the top of the chicken's tail is too fluffy, like a bunny rabbit. - Brandon Van Every

The top of this chicken's tail is more chicken-like. - Brandon Van Every


Nelson Castillo created this. The idea was to make the lambda visible:


The original logo currently in use:

Here a modification, by Category 5:


Real funky 3D logo by Joshua Griffith:

(originals are here: and

More nice art by Joshua Griffith:

(full size)


A Lisp/Scheme cloth badge design by Alaric Snell-Pym:

A friend had it embroidered for me:

You can have the SVG master file here (it uses an Apple font, so looks odd on non-Macs):

Spiffy logos

Powered by Spiffy

Mario Domenech Goulart created this spiffy "powered by spiffy" logo:

Two more variations by Mario are these:

A variation by Daishi Kato that fixes the way the Y looks when turned upside down into a lambda: