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34669 mario Sun Oct 1 16:30:00 2017 releasing-your-egg (wiki): add "Testing new eggs before publishing them" section
33377 mario Sun Jun 5 09:17:00 2016 releasing-your-egg (wiki): add note about using the CHICKEN SVN repository for _new_ user eggs is deprecated.
33258 sjamaan Sat Mar 5 20:43:00 2016 hg-egg-author plugin moved
33230 sjamaan Sat Feb 27 19:22:00 2016 Releasing your egg: Reorder the list of tool names so as not to alienate people (what, who decided to put mtn and svn before git, and bzr before hg? Probably me, in another universe)
33229 sjamaan Sat Feb 27 19:19:00 2016 Remove instructions for svn egg repo, those manual steps were necessary for about a week after we started using THE SYSTEM, and then we got rid of them.
33228 sjamaan Sat Feb 27 19:16:00 2016 Oops, this Bitbucket example is using git, not mercurial. Bitbucket offers git now too (actually, for several years. Doesn't anyone update this stuff?)
33227 sjamaan Sat Feb 27 19:14:00 2016 Forgot to replace one more name
33226 sjamaan Sat Feb 27 19:13:00 2016 Releasing your egg: Replace spiffy example which was on bitbucket long ago only for testing these steps with an egg that's actually hosted there.
33225 sjamaan Sat Feb 27 19:08:00 2016 Releasing your egg: Gitorious is defunct and has been assimilated into gitlab, so describe how that works, instead.
33224 sjamaan Sat Feb 27 18:57:00 2016 Releasing your egg: Remove Google Code, which is in archive mode now and accepts no new repositories.
33223 sjamaan Sat Feb 27 18:55:00 2016 Summary: Fix {{{foo}}} => {{foo}} literals
33222 sjamaan Sat Feb 27 18:54:00 2016 Releasing your egg: add cgit to the list
32495 evhan Mon Jun 15 22:25:00 2015 wiki/releasing-your-egg: add docs for using gitweb
32268 evhan Mon Feb 9 21:12:00 2015 wiki/releasing-your-egg: Update recommended Gitorious tarball URL
31434 sjamaan Mon Sep 15 18:54:00 2014 Update "releasing your egg" page to include major chicken release version (not yet required, but it is already accepted now)
31126 mario Fri Jul 18 00:19:00 2014 Properly capitalize CHICKEN on the wiki directory (only first level). I used the following shell script to change things: while IFS= read -d $'\0' -r file ; do sed -i 's/Chicken/CHICKEN/g' "$file" done < <(find wiki -maxdepth 1 -type f -print0 ) Some files have been manually reverted after that, since some substitutions don't apply: - friedly-chicken (repl banner) - survey2011 (Chicken in URI paths) - chickenista-guide (Chickenista) I hope the link canonicalization thing will be on my side.
30437 sjamaan Thu Feb 6 14:41:00 2014 releasing your egg: Google Code dropped the downloads section, so the only way to host eggs off Google Code is now by listing the egg's files in the .meta-file
30200 arthurmaciel Fri Dec 20 22:05:00 2013 Updated Github targz uri.
29764 syn Fri Sep 20 08:57:00 2013 Update releasing-your-egg tutorial with new gitorious URL scheme
29392 mario Sat Jul 20 18:01:00 2013 releasing-your-egg (wiki): add note about permissions required to edit egg locations (new egg authors are under the impression that anyone can edit that file)
28773 svnwiki Mon Apr 22 16:26:00 2013 Anonymous wiki edit for IP []: Remove obsolete doc-from-wiki from example
28265 svnwiki Tue Feb 5 18:03:00 2013 Anonymous wiki edit for IP []: github url for tar.gz files has changed
27754 andyjpb Thu Nov 1 13:54:00 2012
27000 sjamaan Thu Jul 5 17:50:00 2012 Add note about git-egg-author to "releasing your egg" page
26907 sjamaan Thu Jun 14 18:08:00 2012 Update releasing-your-egg with raw.github.com examples. Clarify the bit about files-list types