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31126 mario Fri Jul 18 00:19:00 2014 Properly capitalize CHICKEN on the wiki directory (only first level). I used the following shell script to change things: while IFS= read -d $'\0' -r file ; do sed -i 's/Chicken/CHICKEN/g' "$file" done < <(find wiki -maxdepth 1 -type f -print0 ) Some files have been manually reverted after that, since some substitutions don't apply: - friedly-chicken (repl banner) - survey2011 (Chicken in URI paths) - chickenista-guide (Chickenista) I hope the link canonicalization thing will be on my side.
27028 mario Mon Jul 9 20:00:00 2012 running-an-egg-mirror (wiki): add title
26067 alaric Mon Mar 5 18:02:00 2012 Updated "how to run an egg mirror" instructions to reflect henrietta and henrietta-cache, as easily installed eggs
19356 alaric Thu Aug 12 10:57:00 2010 Explained how to run an egg mirror