CHICKEN Coding JAM 2021 - Results

This document attempts to summarize the events at the last CHICKEN Coding jam. Quite a few people attended and I think one can say it was a very interesting and motivating weekend.

Thank you to all who participated! We had a number of talks and presentations and were able to assess the results of the 2021 State of CHICKEN survey which turned out to be quite informative and enlightning.

The results of the survey can be found here: State of the CHICKEN survey 2021. Mario Goulart presented the results on Friday in a video session (unfortunately this part has not been recorded).

Vasilij "wasamasa" Schneidermann gave an interesting talk on his Duckyscript toolchain, plucky. Think twice before you plug in that USB stick you found the other day!

The videos to that talk are here: here Talk (mkv), Demo (mkv)

On Saturday, Mario held another presentation about the CHICKEN testing infrastructure and software, which has grown over the years into a rather extensive and feature-rich system that regularly tests the core CHICKEN compiler and tools and all officially available extension libraries. A recorded video session can be found here: Talk (webm)

Next, Luke K gave two short but packed presentations. The first was about MUMPS, the historical programming language, and in particular its highly efficient, and persistent database, which provides a very simple model to store arbitrary data in a (usually) hierarchical database. Video link: Talk (webm)

The second talk was about stateless programming using delimited continuations - fascinating stuff, even if somewhat mind-bending. Check out the talk here: Talk (webm)

Matt Welland presented "Megatest" and its associated tools, used for doing large scale testing in an industrial setting. He covered challenges encountered, mistakes made, lessons learned and ended with a few thoughts on what might help us from the Chicken side. Video: Talk (webm)

The final presentation was given by utz and explained and demonstrated the "bintracker" chiptune editor used to create music on emulated vintage hardware, complete with GUI and a bridge to the MAME emulator. Video: Talk (mp4)

During the evaluation of the survey results a number of things came up that we want to address to answer some of the requests and complaints that were made from the users that participated:

As a final note, I would like to express that the weekend was great fun and, I think, very successful in figuring out in what general direction we should take CHICKEN development.

We plan to have shorter but more frequents event of this sort in the future, stay tuned!