Gosling 2024

Where: Ammerud, Oslo, Norway
When: September 10th - 15th, 2024
Who: Everyone interested in CHICKEN and/or Scheme!
Attendance fee: 0€

Welcome to this years summer CHICKEN event! As usual, this will be an informal event where Schemers and Chickeners can come together to chat and discuss in a relaxing atmosphere.

This event will be a 6-day event including travelling. That gives 4 full days of hacking! If your're unable to attend the full week, go for the second half so that the attendance isn't spread out.

A gosling is a young goose, almost has the word 'Oslo' in it, and is similar to a chicken.


We will be located in Kristian's home in the outskirts of Oslo, a 5 minutes walk from the Ammerud subway station. The subway-ride from the city center is 20 minutes. I'm klm` on #chicken.


We will be able to host a few sleepover guests, albeit at basic comfort levels. Reserve a spot by adding "klm`s place" in brackets to the attendance-list below. Bring your own sleeping pads and a student mindset.

Alternatively, if you'd like to stay at a hotel, there are some close by. Here are some that I found walking-distance from a subway stop. There should be plenty of other options in the city centre which also isn't too far away - feel free to google around.

Thon Hotell Linne http://osm.org/go/0TuPXzha--?m
Quality Hotel 33 http://osm.org/go/0TuPRz_M--?m
Oslo Youth Hostel Haraldsheim https://maps.app.goo.gl/HijWNNSVuXkqDr7z8

Getting there

We recommend the journey planner at ruter.no. It's for local trains and subway, but also includes rides other companies like FB1.

Below are a few suggestions in order of convenience.

Flybussen (FB1)

OSL (aka "Oslo Lufthavn" aka "Gardermoen") is the closest airport. The FB1 bus will take you directly from the airport to Ammerud in 34min. Convenient, but runs only hourly and a bit expensive at ~22€ each way. See this page for more info. You can buy tickets on board (they take credit card), but booking ahead online is slightly cheaper.

Local train

There are local trains (R10, L12, etc) which are cheaper but these don't stop at Ammerud. They are still a good option if price/timing of FB1 bus isn't great. Local trains, buses and subway are all covered by the same 10€ ticket (3 zones). You have two transit options:

Express trains

There is an airport express train which takes you to the city centre quickly and runs every 10 minutes. It's the same price as FB1 but does not stop at Ammerud. This will require an additional subway ticket from Oslo S/Jernbanetorget to Ammerud.

To/from city centre

If you for some reason find yourself in Oslo City, you can take subway line 5 to Vestli (East) or line 4 to Vestli (going West) to get to Ammerud. These lines run every 15min. City Centre to Ammerud is zone 1. Buslines 380 and 390 also stop at Ammerud.

All single tickets are around 4€.

Practical considerations

- All places accept credit/debit cards, you shouldn't need to take out cash.


Please add yourself here!


If you would like to attend, please add your name and preferred/planned accommodation in brackets, and arrival/departure time (localtime) as this helps tremendously with planning.